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Virata Parvam is one of the most awaited love stories of Tollywood this year. As known to us all, the film is based on the true events that happened in the Waranagal of the 1990s. Virata Parvam is the story and journey of Vennela in reaching her love interest Ravanna and spending the rest of her life with him. As the film includes both love and revolution on a single line, it turned out to be more exciting for the Telugu audiences right from the release of the trailer. Now the film is released today and it is living up to the expectations of the audiences and it is so sure that Virata Parvam will be one of the epic love stories of Telugu cinema. Continue to read this to  know the details and highlights of the film Virata Parvam which made it an epic love story.

Cast And Crew:

Title – Virata Parvam

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Release Date – 17th June 2022

Genre – Romance, Action, Drama

Cast – Sai Pallavi, Rana Daggubati, Priyamani, Naveen Chandra, Nandita Das, Nivetha Pethuraj, Easwari Rao, Sai Chand and others

Director – Venu Udugula

Producer – Sudhakar Cherukuri

Production Company – Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara Cinemas

Release By – Suresh Productions

Music Director – Suresh Bobbili

Cinematographer – Dani Sanchez Lopez, Divakar Mani

Editor – Sreekar Prasad

Virata Parvam Telugu Movie Review:


Vennela (Sai Pallavi) was born during a critical war between Naxalites and Police. She is always fond of revolution right from her childhood and thus she falls in love with the writings and thoughts of Aranya aka Ravanna (Rana Daggubati), a Naxalite group leader. Vennela escapes from her house to meet Ravanna and express her love to him. After a series of struggles, she finally meets him. Vennela too becomes a Naxalite for Ravanna and follows his path. Does Ravanna accept Vennela’s love? Does Vennela’s love succeed? What happens thereafter? How Vennela died? What are the causes for her death? All these questions will be answered as the film progresses towards its end.

On-Screen Performances:

Sai Pallavi (Vennela) is the hero of the film, stated Rana on several occasions during the promotions of the film. That is true and Sai Pallavi deserves all the appreciation for her exceptional performance in the film. Vennela is undoubtedly the best role and performance from Sai Pallavi to date. Be it emotion or action, Sai Pallavi delivered her best throughout the film. She perfectly fits the character of Vennela and truly reflects the original and native Telangana girl. Her eyes and facial expressions while expressing her love towards Ravanna looks like she is truly in love with him. Such a way Sai Pallavi is involved in the character and thus she is at her best in the film.

Rana (Ravanna) truly looks like a original comrade in the film. Audiences with revolutionary thoughts will truly connect to Ravanna’s characters. Such an engaging and involving performance was given by Rana. Here Rana’s voice needs a special mention. Just like the character, his voice and his dialogue delivery is revolutionary.

Priyamani (Bharathakka) and Naveen Chandra (Rajanna) are very well suit to the roles of Naxalites. Their characters are the strong basis for the pre-climax in the film. Nivetha Pethuraj plays a little cameo which is important to start the film. Easwari Rao and Sai Chand as Sai Pallavi’s parents are good with their performances.

Off-Screen Highlights:

Venu Udugula scored all the marks with his writing. The story idea itself looks very interesting. Telugu cinema had witnessed many stories on Naxalism, but Virata Parvam is special in its own way by presenting a beautiful love story in the Naxal movement. We all know that Virata Parvam is based on a true event where Sarala (Real-life Vennela) was shot and killed by a group of Maoists. Venu Udugula penned a beautiful love story on this incident with Vennela being the lead character in the film. Firstly, Venu Udugula needs to be appreciated for keeping the female character Vennela in the front line without surrendering to highlight the hero which is usually done in Telugu cinema. Instead, Venu made Sai Pallavi the hero of the film. This is honest screenwriting and storytelling. Another strength in Venu’s writing can be seen as the film progresses towards its end. He dealt the climax of the film very carefully, sensitively and emotionally and gave a clear cut conclusion about whose mistake it was in Vennela’s death, either the Police or the Naxalites.

The first half of the film totally revolves around Vennela’s life. The character of Vennela is very well established so that the audiences gets engaged with her life which helps in building an emotional connection later in the second half. Vennela’s characterisation, her love towards Ravanna, her courage to save Ravanna’s group from the police are the highlights of the first half. Comparing Vennela and Ravanna to Mirabai and Lord Krishna shows the core strength of Vennela’s love towards Ravanna. The story gets speed up in the second half. Vennela joining Ravanna’s group as Naxalite is a high moment. Vennela’s fighting sequences along with Bharathakka and Raghanna, and with Rana are the major highlights of the second half. Vennela’s death at the end of the film is a perfect emotional moment for every viewer.

Suresh Bobbili’s music is the major asset of the film, next to Venu’s writing. Each and every song is well blended with the situation and the flow of the story in the film. Background score is what involves the audience much into the story of Vennela.

Cinematography is very appreciable. Editing and production values are good.


Virata Parvam is an epic love story in Telugu cinema in recent times. The film is a perfect blend of true events, honest writing, revolutionary thoughts, award-winning performances, and an emotionally connecting story. Virata Parvam is one such love story which touches our hearts and, in return, we carry that experience and feeling for a long time. As the film’s tagline suggests, “Revolution is an act of Love”. The film too reflects the same. Virata Parvam is an act of original, heartfelt, and honest storytelling.”

Virata Parvam Trailer:

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