Exploring The World Of Brahmastra From The Trailer

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Ayan Mukerji, the writer and director of Brahmastra, stated at the very beginning of the film’s announcement that the film is all about Astras from ancient India, still existing in this contemporary world. The film revolves around the protection of those astras. The trailer of Brahmastra shows the same. The lead actor, Ranbir Kapoor, is seen as Shiva protecting those astras from the dark forces. So Shiva is on a mission to protect Brahmastra. But what is Brahmastra? Brahmastra is the highest astra of all the astras, and it is very powerful and destructive. It is known from ancient Indian sources that Brahmastra, the ultimate supernatural weapon created by Lord Brahma, is able to destroy the entire world.

Brahmastra has the ability to create terrible flames and fiery fireballs. It can destroy everything when used by any person. Marking that, Ayan Mukerji made a brilliant move in the film Brahmastra, as it can be seen in the trailer. Ranbir Kapoor, who plays Shiva, is given the power and energy of fire. The Guru, played by Amitabh Bachchan himself, said in the trailer that Shiva is connected to the world of Astras because Shiva himself is the astra of fire. Ayan made a brilliant move by connecting the energy of fire possessed by Shiva with the protection of Brahmastra. As Shiva cannot be affected by fire and himself is the astra of fire, he could be the only human in the contemporary world to handle Brahmastra and its power. He is the only one who can protect Brahmastra from the evil forces. We can conclude from this that Ayan created the lead character Shiva with the incredibly unique trait of possessing and controlling fire in order to fight his main conflict, which is protecting the Brahmastra.

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Basically, Brahmastra is a combination of three weapon variants from ancient India: Brahmashira Astra, Brahmananda, and Pashupatastra. The first one, Brahmashira Astra, is known to be made from Brahma’s 5th head directly, and it is capable of destroying the world. The second one, Brahmanada, was made to stop the Brahmashira Astra from destroying the world. The third one, Pashupatastra, is the most powerful among the three, and it is directly related to Lord Shiva. Now if we can observe the trailer of Brahmastra, Ayan mentioned the same number that there are three astras from ancient India; the astra of fire, the astra of wind, and the astra of water. And the head, or the god of the three astras, is Brahmastra. We can also observe from the trailer that these three astras exist in the modern world. Ranbir Kapoor is exposed as the astra of fire. Who then has the astra of wind and water? Nagarjuna as Anish, who is on the good side of protecting Brahmastra, is expected to handle the astra of wind, as seen from the opening shot of the trailer. The astra of water might belong to Mouni Roy, the queen of dark forces, as we can see a lady stepping ahead of a rising sea in the trailer. We need to wait to see how Ayan managed to present these three astras.

If we can observe the trailer of Brahmastra, we can see a few shots of Lord Hanuman. Is there any relation between Brahmastra and Hanuman? Yes, of course. If we go through the epic Ramayana, Brahmastra was used in three instances. Firstly, Indrajit, the son of Ravana, used it against Hanuman, but Hanuman managed to escape it as he was already blessed by Brahma with the protection of wind. Moreover, Hanuman is Vayuputra, the son of Wind god and so he is always protected by the astra of wind. The other instances of using Brahmastra are by Lord Rama, once against Ravana in the final fight and the second against Lord Samudra while crossing the sea to reach Lanka to fight against Ravana.

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