TFN Classic Highlights: Mahesh Babu Athadu Movie

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Welcome back to the series of TFN Classic Highlights by Telugu Filmnagar.  We take pride and feel honored to rewind all those classic hits in Telugu Cinema and present them to our viewers.

TFN Classic Highlights will deal with the details and the highlights of the blockbuster movies from Telugu Cinema.  This series is an attempt to celebrate the success of Telugu movies and the legacy of Telugu Cinema.  Let us discuss Mahesh Babu’s blockbuster film Athadu, directed by Trivikram Srinivas and produced by Jayabheri Arts.

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Athadu Movie Highlights:

The film Athadu opens with a backstory of the lead character Nandu, played by Mahesh Babu.  Manoj Nandan played the young Pardhu.  This backstory shows the audience how Pardhu turned to be a professional criminal and sets the audience that the film is related to one of Pardhu’s crimes.  This is a brilliant opening sequence from the writer and director Trivikram Srinivas.

The title song of Athadu named Athade is undoubtedly one of the best title and introduction songs of Mahesh’s career.  Mani Sharma composed excellent tune for the song.  Vishwa penned the lyrics and gave the vocals too.

Nandu commits his first crime, as shown in the picture after becoming elder, by killing a famous local rowdy.  The chase scene next to the crime showcases the bond and understanding both Nandu and Malli share between them.  This scene is picturized very well and stands out to be a perfect introduction for the lead character.

The conversation between Nandu and Bajji Reddy, played by Kota Srinivasa Rao, is very interesting.  The seriousness of Nandu and the sarcastic dialogues from Bajji Reddy provides the audience both high and humor at the same time in this scene.  This is truly a mark of brilliance from Trivikram’s pen.

The sequence where Nandu tries to kill Shiva Reddy, played by Sayaji Shinde, and escapes was shot so perfectly.  Also, the screenplay was perfectly planned to create an excitement in the audience to know who killed Shiva Reddy, if not Nandu.

The character Pardhu, played by Rajeev Kanakala initially, and later by Mahesh Babu was created in the most exciting way.  Nandu replacing Pardhu and returning home after many years is the best choice he has in the film to escape from the police.  Trivikram made use of that flexibility totally and set the right pace for the film.

The conversation between Pardhu and Poori, played by Trisha, is very entertaining.  The dialogues written by Trivikram on comparing Poori with her elder sister provides fun.

Pardhu giving warning to Naidu, played by Tanikella Bharani is one of the best scenes of the film.  The heroism is elevated here to let know the audience and the other characters in the village about what Pardhu is capable of, without revealing his past.  Mahesh gives an intense performance in this scene.  Mani Sharma’s background score in this scene is just stunning.

The interval bang and the post interval scene brings in a new conflict for Pardhu from the CBI officer Anjaneya Prasad, played by Prakash Raj.  The very first conversation between Pardhu and Anjaneya Prasad creates tension for the audience and makes them root for the second half to witness how Pardhu overcomes this obstacle.

Aadu Mogadura Bujji.  This one dialogue delivered by Naidu is just enough to know how strong Trivikram designed and showcased the character of Pardhu in the film.

The fight between Pardhu and Bujji, played by Brahmaji, and his gang is very well composed.  Once again Trivikram showcased his talent with the fusion of both action and humor in a single fight.  Stunt Coordinator Peter Hein needs to be equally credited for this fight.

The entire episode of Kittu, played by Brahmanandam is totally hilarious.  This is the major highlight of the film in terms of entertainment.  Every scenes until Brahmanandam is on screen provides endless laughs and immeasurable fun.  Brahmanandam completely nailed this episode with his one man show.  The line “Musalode kani Mahaanubhavudu” is still the best one liner for many memers today.  “Hit me hard yaar, come on”.

Pilichina Raanantaava is a beautiful melody composed by Mani Sharma.  Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry penned the lyrics.  Sharada and Karthik gave their vocals.

“Nijam cheppakapovadam Abaddham.  Abaddani Nijam cheyadam Mosam”.  This dialogue is clearly the strength of Trivikram’s writing in the film.

The pre-climax twist that the actual killer is Malli is very interesting.  The screenplay stands at its best.

The final fight between Mahesh and Sonu Sood provides a great action to the audience.  Once again, the credit goes to Peter Hein for composing a stunning fight.

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