TFN Classic Highlights: Mahesh Babu Maharshi Movie

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Welcome back to the series of TFN Classic Highlights by Telugu Filmnagar.  We take pride and feel honored to rewind all those classic hits in Telugu Cinema and present them to our viewers.

TFN Classic Highlights will deal with the details and the highlights of the blockbuster movies from Telugu Cinema.  This series is an attempt to celebrate the success of Telugu movies and the legacy of Telugu Cinema.  Let us discuss Mahesh Babu’s blockbuster film Maharshi, directed by Vamshi Paidipally.

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Maharshi Movie Highlights:

Mahesh Babu plays the character of Rishi in the film Maharshi.  Rishi becomes the CEO of the world’s topmost company Origin.  When Rishi gives an interview after becoming the CEO, he talks about his father, his financial problems, money, and success.  This is how the director Vamshi Paidipally designed the character with a backstory.  This is brilliant writing from Vamshi in designing the character.

“Money is nothing and money is everything.  If we chase money, money runs far away from us.  If we go on our way chasing our dreams, money will run after us”.  “We can check ourselves with our past whether we are successful are not.  Where did we stand in our past and where are we standing now?  This is how we analyze our success”.  These two dialogues penned by the writer Hari and Vamshi drive the audience into the film letting them understand the lead character better.

Vamshi and Hari also penned two other main characters in a completely different contrast to the lead character.  Satyanarayana, Rishi’s father, played by Prakash Raj, and Ravi Shankar, Rishi’s best friend, played by Allari Naresh are the two main characters in the film.  Satyanarayana leads a normal life as a middle-class man with all the financial struggles and debts, but he stays happy always with whatever he has.  On the other hand, Rishi, Satyanarayana’s son is a dreamer.  He sets his life at high standards and always wants to stay away from financial problems and be both successful and rich.  Rishi doesn’t like his father but Satyanarayana loves his son more than anything else.  Similarly, Ravi Shankar is a very hard worker in his college days but fails in the exams with a few fears.  Rishi on other hand never prepares for exams or depends on the results.  He has higher dreams in life.  His way of being educated is different.  Rishi is the one who motivates Ravi to have a better understanding of education, career, and life.

Rishi’s speech on the first day of college is very interesting.  The line, “Success is not a destination.  Success is a journey,” showcases the mindset of the lead character.  Also, the film too exposes the same theme.  Rishi stands top in the college, then he gets a contract with the company Origin, then he becomes the CEO of the company, then starts helping the farmers, then he gives most of his earnings to the development of the farmers, and then he finally resigns as the CEO.  Rishi resigning his post is not an end to his success story, instead, it is the beginning of a new success story.

Choti Choti Baatein song shows the friendship between the characters Rishi, Ravi, and Pooja.  The lyrics of the song are so apt and this song is surely one of the best songs on friendship in Telugu Cinema.  Sri Mani penned the lyrics for the song.

Mahesh Babu’s acting when knowing about his father’s death and his friend’s sacrifice is just amazing.  His transformation in acting just within a few seconds in those scenes is worth watching.  He delivered the emotions so perfectly.

Rishi trying to help his friend, Ravi, after knowing about his sacrifice for him is another brilliant execution of writing from the screenwriters of the film.  The drama exposing the friendship between Rishi and Ravi just goes with the flow, and it is flawless.

The fight scene where Ravi gets stabbed by some local goons and Rishi saves Ravi is very well composed.  Credit goes to the stunt coordinators Ram and Lakshman masters.  The usage of properties in this fight in such a village setup is so good to watch.

Rishi knowing about agriculture in India statistically is very informative in the film.  The content is delivered perfectly to the audience.  The concept of Weekend Agriculture is another great move from the writer and director Vamshi.  Also, the speech delivered by the character Rishi about agriculture makes an impact on the audience.  The lines, “Farmers don’t need our sympathy.  They need our respect and we owe them that respect,” are thought-provoking in the film.

The soul of Rishi, the song Idhe Kadha Nee Katha is undoubtedly the best song of the entire album.  The song is something like the rewind of the entire journey of Rishi in the film.  Vijay Prakash gave heartfelt vocals and Sri Mani penned heart-touching lyrics.

“Gelupu Korukunevadu Manishi.  Gelupuni Panchevadu Maharshi” – Vamshi Paidipally.

Maharshi Trailer:

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