TFN Classic Highlights: Mahesh Babu Okkadu Movie

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Telugu Cinema is reaching great heights today and is setting international standards.  The world is looking at Telugu movies with all the respect.  Telugu Filmnagar bow to all the directors, actors, producers, and other technicians for putting all the efforts to be on that top level.  Telugu Filmnagar takes pride and feels honored to rewind all those classic hits in Telugu Cinema and present them to our viewers.

TFN Classic Highlights will deal with the details and the highlights of the blockbuster movies from Telugu Cinema.  This series is an attempt to celebrate the success of Telugu movies and the legacy of Telugu Cinema.  The series starts with Mahesh Babu’s blockbuster hit Okkadu, directed by Gunasekhar and produced by MS Raja.

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Highlights Of Okkadu Movie:

The opening credits of the film Okkadu are placed very uniquely.  The credits are cut along with a chase in between.  Both the credits and the chasing shots are played parallelly.

The opening scene of the film showing the fight between two gangs, of one which is lead by Ajay (Mahesh Babu) looks very interesting.  The fight was designed in an entertaining way, instead of filling it with intensity.  Vijayan composed the fight so simple and beautiful.

Ajay is introduced as a district kabaddi player.  Mahesh is seen performing with intensity in the semi finals of the state championship.  Ajay leads his Charminar team into the finals which will be held at Kurnool.

Prakash Raj as Obul Reddy plays the antagonist of the film.  He is so cruel and ruthless.  Obul Reddy kills a local person in the Kurnool railway station in his very first introduction.  Ajay lands in Kurnool at the same time which excites the audience that the lead character is going to face the antagonist soon.

Nuvvem Maya is a sweet melody song in the film.  Bhoomika Chawla is introduced as Swapna in this song.  Bhoomika looks so traditional and gorgeous in the song.  Shreya Ghoshal gave her mesmerizing vocals to this beautiful melody composed by Mani Sharma.  Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry’s lyrics are so apt.

The director Gunasekhar takes no time to set up the conflict between the protagonist Ajay and the antagonist Obul Reddy as soon as he introduces all the main characters and the plot in the film.  Ajay takes a stand against Obul Reddy when he forces Swapna to marry him.  Ajay hits Obul Reddy.

The Konda Reddy Buruju scene is the best scene of the film.  It is the major highlight.  Not only being the best scene of the film, but also this is one of the best iconic moments of Telugu cinema.  Ajay hitting Obul Reddy at the Konda Reddy Buruju Centre in Kurnool is undoubtedly the best scene of the film and both Mahesh Babu and Gunasekhar’s careers.

“Yuddham ni madhyalo vadileyadam magathanam kadhu.  Mee vuru ki kabaddi aadudhamani vachanu.  Kani ikkadiki vachake telisindi, aadalsindi ground lo kaadhu, ikkada ani”.  This dialogue delivered by the lead character Ajay as a strong support to Swapna sets the pace of the film that the hero is ready to face any challenge against Obul Reddy to save Swapna.  Paruchuri Brothers penned many such powerful and impactful dialogues in the film.

Prakash Reddy as Obul Reddy is so apt and perfect.  He delivers one of his career best performances in the film.  He gets into the character of Obul Reddy.  His body language and dialogue delivery when he expresses his love for Swapna is hilarious.

Obul Reddy taking a pledge and determination to get married only after killing Ajay with his own hands, right at the interval bang stands as the perfect half time in the film.

Swapna sitting as one among the dolls in Ajay’s room so as to escape from his parents from being caught is quite crazy.  Bhoomika looks so beautiful in this scene.  Credit goes to Srikanth Desai and Raju for making Bhoomika look so pretty in this scene.

The comedy scene in the passport office between Dharmavarapu Subramanyam and Mahesh Babu along with his gang is very much hilarious.  It is still one of the best comedy scenes to date.  Gunasekhar penned this fun filled scenes so brilliant.  Let us take a moment to recollect Tony in this scene.

Cheppave Chirugali is one of the best melodies of Mani Sharma’s compositions of all time.  Udit Narayan gave life to this song with his vocals.  Sujatha supported him well with the female vocals.  Mahesh Babu’s little dance moves in this song looks super cute.

Ajay’s father getting to know about Swapna builds the real tension in the film.  Which side does Ajay’s father stand?  Is he on the side of Obul Reddy as a police officer or on the side of Ajay as a father?  This drives the film much further with excitement in the audience.

The scene in which Ajay escapes Swapna in between the huge crowd of Muslims going for Namaz, is very well shot.  Gunasekhar directed this particular scenes with all his experience and the cinematographer Joseph Sekhar captured this with all the perfection.

Attarintiki song is a trademark choreography by Lawrence.  The dance moves and formations look brilliant in the song.  Also the art director Ashok Kumar needs a special mention for this song.

The final Kabaddi match is well composed and directed.  Mahesh Babu’s intensity as a Kabaddi player perfectly justifies the character strength and goal.

The final fight between Mahesh Babu and Prakash Raj is also well designed.  Prakash Raj showing some special skills and techniques in the fight to defeat Mahesh is good to watch.  However, the protagonist wins both the fight and Swapna finally.

The final shot of the film where Mahesh and Bhoomika sit on Charminar is shot so well.  The visual effects work was great by Stalin Saravanan and the background score by Mani Sharma is soulful.

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