Why Is Jayamma A Superwoman In Jayamma Panchayathi Movie?

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Telugu movies are usually hero centric, especially the films of the star actors. In such a star competitive world, a very few films come with the female characters leading the entire film. One such film is Jayamma Panchayathi by Vijay Kumar Kalivarapu. Suma Kanakala played the lead role in the film. The film entirely runs and revolves around Jayamma, supported by a few other stories and characters. Suma plays the role of Jayamma, a housewife who fights to arrange money for her husband’s treatment from ill health. The fighting spirit by standing against all the odds is very well shown in the film. To express Jayamma in a single line, she is the superwoman in the film. But why? Let’s look at Jayamma’s life and get our question answered.

Sometimes, just a scene or a dialogue in the film is enough for us to get inspired from the lead character. One such dialogue from Jayamma is very hard hitting to most of us. It corrects our ideology in a few things, gives us inspiration and makes us view responsibilities of life in different perceptions. 

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It is not difficult to die. It is so easy. The real difficulty lies in living and taking responsibilities. – Jayamma 

This is the dialogue delivered by Jayamma in the film Jayamma Panchayathi in a conversation with her husband. Jayamma’s husband has a heart problem and his life would be in danger if not treated soon. Jayamma’s husband declines to have a heart surgery as they could not afford for that financially. Instead he opts to die. Jayamma opposes him saying the above dialogue. This shows the attitude and mindset of Jayamma that she is prepared for anything and she would stand against any odds in order to make her motive succeed, that is to get her husband treated soon. So Jayamma is not only a housewife who takes care of her husband and children, but also she takes a stand for her family whenever needed. She becomes the superwoman of her family, fights the problems and saves her family from them.

There are many other scenes in the film which show us that Jayamma is a superwoman. In the very beginning of the film, in the opening scene itself, Jayamma warns her neighbours to take care of their small baby when they ignore the baby’s cry during their sleep. As the film progresses, we can see Jayamma going personally to one of the villager’s houses and giving Eedulu, despite not attending the function. She also says very good words there that one needs to stand for each other when they are in need of money. Here the director Vijay Kumar establishes the character of Jayamma that she will not only stand for herself, instead she stands for her friends and relatives too. Jayamma is not only the superwoman of her house, but she is also the superwoman of every house and every family. Jayamma takes the entire responsibility in arranging things, making payments and everything else during her elder daughter’s saree function. She stands strongly to ask every villager who did not give Eedulu for her daughter’s function. She faces many odds in this journey till the end and finally collects them. All these instances prove that Jayamma is a Superwoman.

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