Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 32: Sohel Becomes The Captain And Akhil-Monal Break Down

The day 32 starts with Harika crying and expressing her pain about how Abhijeet claimed that she gave all 5 coins to him.  The BB task ends and Bigg Boss asks all the houseguests to gather and reveal how many the points the hotel staff won.  However, there is a tiff between the two teams, as Harika says she gave one star by willing whereas Abhijeet claims she has given 5 stars.  Therefore, Bigg Boss declares BB visitors as the winners of the task.  As every visitor chooses themselves as the best performer, they couldn’t come up with one decision.  At last, Sohel is chosen as the first captaincy contestant.  As Akhil has more money from the task, he gets chosen as the second captaincy contestant.  Avinash, who succeeds in the secret task gets selected as the third captaincy contestant.  Amma Rajasekhar is chosen as the worst performer and is given punishment to cut onions.  Lasya, Sujatha and Amma Rajasekhar argue about kitchen duties.

The next morning, Sohel, Avinash and Akhil are given the captaincy to balance the bowl by standing between the fire.  All three houseguests fight hard and Sohel wins the task and becomes the captain of the week.  Monal tries to pacify Akhil and asks him to talk to her.  Akhil doesn’t reply to her, which makes Monal angry and she goes into the washroom.  On the other end, Akhil also tears down.

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Sohel, Avinash and Mehboob discuss about Divi’s height and make fun of her walking. Avinash and Divi discuss about Monal, Akhil and Abhijeet’s equation. The day ends on a fun note, where Avinash tries to hide and Gangavva searches for him in the entire house.




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