Saindhav movie Review: Venkatesh exhibits adventure and family drama

'Saindhav' movie Review: Venkatesh exhibits adventure and family drama
'Saindhav' movie Review: Venkatesh exhibits adventure and family drama

‘Saindhav’ Synopsis:

Venkatesh Daggubati, otherwise known as Victory Venkatesh and Venky Mama, as the lead actor, ‘Hit’ fame Sailesh Kolanu as the director, the movie ‘Saindhav’ has arrived as one of the Sankranthi releases. “Saindhav,” which is hailed as a compelling drama that reveals several facets of action and drama, has captured everyone’s interest ever since its announcement. 

Produced by Venkat Boyanapalli, under Niharika Entertainments, Saindhav’ has some popular actors playing important roles. 

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‘Jersey’ fame Sraddha Srinath plays Venkatesh’s wife, and   Baby Ssara Palekar plays his daughter. The antagonist is portrayed by the gifted Nawazuddin Siddiqui of Bollywood, while Andrea Jeremiah of Kollywood will make a lengthy cameo. There’s a big role for Kollywood actor Arya, who became well-known in Telugu thanks to his dubbed film “Raja Rani.” 

Ruhani Sharma, Isshu Sengupta, Mukesh Rishi, and Getup Srinu also appear in important roles. 

‘Saindhav’ Story:

Venkatesh, as Saindhav Koneru, has a troubled past. He finds himself in a position where he must treat his daughter’s terminal illness, for which she requires a 17 crore injection. The movie looks into his past, how he quickly saves his daughter from gun violence, and how he confronts the cartel that is rife with guns and plans a major operation.

‘Saindhav’ movie review:

‘Saindhav’s’ ensemble star cast gets off to a good start with an intriguing role introduction. Apart from his ‘HIT’ series, director Sailesh Kolanu has presented an unconventional story with a strong emotional component, contrasting with a thriller. 

The central theme of the story is Venkatesh’s willingness to go above and beyond as a father to save his daughter from a terminal illness, thereby embodying the family sentiment. But the story also touches on another subject involving cartels and firearms. While the main plot does gain significance, the action elements remain captivating.

On-screen performances:

Venkatesh Daggubati portrays Saindhav Koneru, also known as “SaiKO,” in a somber role.  As usual, Venkatesh plays his part with aplomb, incorporating both action sequences and poignant moments. 

The female lead, Shraddha Srinath, seems well-suited for the part. She is on screen for a respectable amount of time.  Baby Ssara Palekar did a wonderful job of capturing sentimental details.

Arya, the popular Tamil actor, has a small part but leaves an impression. As a cunning antagonist, Nawazuddin Siddiqui gives a strong performance. 

Ruhani Sharma and Andrea Jeremiah, two of the supporting cast’s female members, justify their jobs. Others who provide the necessary appearances are Isshu Sengupta, Mukesh Rishi, and Getup Srinu.

Off-screen performances:

With suspenseful tales like “Hit” and “Hit-2,” Sailesh Kolanu has seemingly perfected the craft of providing compelling narratives, setting a new standard in the process. When it comes to “Saindhav,” Sailesh has skillfully merged action scenes with sentiment. Although it could have been more crisp, the story narration is still effective. 

Santosh Narayan’s music has high-quality audio. Saindhav is an action thriller, so he has justified it with a BGM that is commendable. 

Manikandan’s cinematography is excellent; the film has a pleasing visual aesthetic. Garry Bh’s editing is crisp. The action episodes bankrolled by Niharika Entertainment demonstrate a fairly high level of production quality. 


Action fans might consider “Saindhav,” which features Venkatesh in the title role, as a good Sankranthi film choice. The film has all the elements of a commercial film, with action scenes and heartwarming family themes. Fans of Venkatesh would be happy because it has been a while since he played a role with such energy. 

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