Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7: Dramatic Twists And Turns On Day 9 Nominations

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7: Dramatic Twists And Turns On Day 9 Nominations

In the exhilarating world of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7, Day 9 has arrived with lightning speed, offering viewers a season packed with excitement and intrigue.  The recent nominations have set the house on fire, paving the way for a nail biting task that promises to keep the contestants on their toes. 

The nomination saga continued, with Rathika surprising everyone about her relationship with Pallavi Prashanth grabbing everyone’s attention.  What was once a friendly alliance in the first week has now turned into a complete betrayal.  Shockingly, many of the ladies in the house have trained their sights on Pallavi Prashanth, leaving him heartbroken as he faces a united front of contestants.  After the emotional rollercoaster of nominations, Pallavi Prashanth couldn’t hold back his tears, leaving the audience deeply moved.  Despite his earlier attempts to garner sympathy as a farmer, his housemates’ unrelenting attitude felt like a targeted assault.

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The nominated contestants include Shivaji, Prashanth, Rathika, Teja, Amardeep, Shakeela, Gautam, Shobha and Prince Yawar.

The intrigue heightened as Sandeep Master, the first housemate, was tasked with assigning beds to the contestants.  The Deluxe room was allotted to Shakeela, Shivaji, Amardeep, Damini and Subhasree, while the Standard room became home to Prince, Gautam, Prashanth, Rathika, Shobha and Priyanka.  Tasty Teja found himself without a bed, which left him feeling a tad disheartened.

With the teams divided into Ranadhira and Mahabali, the upcoming tasks promise to be a thrilling spectacle.  As Sandeep Master takes on the role of Sanchalak, the housemates brace themselves for physical challenges that will put their mettle to the test.  The Mayaastra task, which is a game of Tug of War, had two different groups, namely Randhira group (Amardeep, Shivaji, Prince, Priyanka, Shobha, Shakila) and Mahabila Team (Gautam, Prashant, Teja, Rathika, Damini, Shubhasree.)  Randhira’s Team won by 3 points and they have been given the key to the Power Astra.

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