Nene Vasthunna Telugu Movie Review: Dhanush And Selvaraghavan Delivers An Enthralling Psychological Thriller

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Nene Vasthunna Movie Synopsis:

Nene Vasthunna is the fifth collaboration between the brothers Dhanush and Selvaraghavan. The film is a psychological action thriller directed by Selvaraghavan with Dhanush playing the dual role as Prabhu and Kathir. Dhanush’s acting excellence with wild signs in this dark film is evident from the trailer of the film. For the first time in his career, Dhanush also penned the screenplay along with Selvaraghavan for Nene Vasthunna. Dhanush’s wild performance, his dual role, his collaboration with Selvaraghavan after almost a decade, and many other elements made Nene Vasthunna very exciting in every possible way. All that excitement, craze, and hype paid off today with the release of the film in theatres and a positive response to it from the audience everywhere. Here is our detailed review of the film Nene Vasthunna (Naane Varuven).

Nene Vasthunna Movie Details:

Cast – Dhanush, Indhuja, Elli Avrram, Selvaraghavan, Prabhu and Others

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Writer and Director – Selvaraghavan

Producer – Kalaippuli S Thanu 

Music Director – Yuvan Shankar Raja

Nene Vasthunna Telugu Movie Review:

Nene Vasthunna Story:

Prabhu(Dhanush) leads a happy life both professionally and personally. He is a happy man with his wife and daughter. But all of a sudden, Prabhu’s daughter starts behaving abnormally, talking to some unseen and unknown person. He gets tense with his daughter’s condition. He consults many experts, but he could not get her treated properly. Meanwhile, he comes to know the actual reason behind all this and with whom Satya is actually talking. How Prabhu faces this and how he saves his daughter finally is the rest of the narrative of the film, Nene Vasthunna.

On-Screen Performances:

Dhanush plays a dual role in Nene Vasthunna, as both the protagonist and the antagonist. He completely nails both the roles with absolute perfection. Dhanush lives in two different characters at the same time, and it is clearly evident from the differences he shows in playing them. While Dhanush presents his innocence as Prabhu, he shows the shades of evilness and cruelty as Kathir. If not Dhanush, some others could have played these roles, but none of them could bring that realistic and natural approach. Dhanush’s performance is so raw and original in Nene Vasthunna.

The actor who plays Satya, Dhanush’s daughter, is really appreciable for her ease in acting. She takes the lead in all the scenes with her father.

All the other actors are apt and decent in their roles.

Off-Screen Highlights:

Selvaraghavan is the master of filmmaking as known to us all, and Nene Vasthunna is one more sample of his directorial brilliance. The director makes most of the film gripping and interesting to the audience. The set up for this psychological thriller is great, with the standards of Selvaraghavan.

The first half of the film gets deep into the life of Prabhu and completely explores it. Well, there are a few thrills in between the scenes from the life of Prabhu, which keeps the audience excited for what could come next. The writing is so gripping in the first half of the film. The interval bang is superbly scripted and executed. This can be undoubtedly considered as one of the best episodes of the entire film. The second half of the film is completely Dhanush’s show. He takes charge of the entire screenplay till the climax arrives.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s suspenseful music is what makes the film a spine-chilling thriller. The background score is exceptionally great. Among the songs, Veera Soora is brilliant.

Om Prakash’s cinematography needs a special mention. The forest visuals are worth watching.


Nene Vasthunna is a feast for the lovers of Dhanush’s acting. Selvaraghavan’s screenplay and Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music add all the technical brilliance the film needs. With this trio driving the film with full control, Nene Vasthunna comes out as an enthralling psychological thriller and gets added to everyone’s watchlist for the weekend.

Nene Vasthunna Movie Teaser:

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