Cobra Telugu Movie Review

Cobra Telugu Movie Review

Cobra Movie Synopsis:

Cobra is the latest Telugu movie of Vikram released today in theatres worldwide. Vikram played the titular role in the film. Ajay Gnanamuthu is the director of the film. The film deals with crimes committed using maths, and Vikram was seen as a genius mathematician, as known from the trailer. The audiences of multiple languages are impressed with the concept of the film seen in the trailer. Vikram also promoted the film vigorously, comparing it to his best work, Aparichithudu. Cobra is released today in theatres and is receiving much better appreciation than Aparichithudu from the audience everywhere. Here is a detailed review of the film Cobra.

Cobra Telugu Movie Review:

On-Screen Performances:

Vikram looks like the epitome of acting in Cobra. He played dual roles in the film as Madhie and Kathir (both being brothers). Vikram was even seen in multiple looks in the film. His looks and appearance in them all are just terrific. When it comes to acting, Vikram is best known for his work in the film Cobra. Undoubtedly, Cobra will be Vikram’s best work in his career from here on. The investigation scene in the second half of the film, where Vikram plays multiple characters as a part of his hallucination, is the best part of the film in terms of his acting. Vikram even maintained his ultra-style and attitude in the action sequences, especially the rain fight.

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Irfan Pathan as the interpol officer is classy and decent. He perfectly fits the role.

Srinidhi Shetty is quite impressive as the lead actress. She plays the love interest of Vikram in the film and serves as the best dish in the romantic episodes.

Roshan Mathew, who played the corporate bad guy, looks like a stylish icon next to Vikram in the film. His on-screen attitude is appreciable.

Both the child actors and the young actor who played Vikram’s role in the early ages fit their roles very much. Mirnalini Ravi is super cute.

Off-Screen Highlights:

Ajay Gnanamuthu played all sorts of mind games with the audience with his jump cut screenplay. Having the lead character in a dual role, he completely nurtures his writing excellence and presents the film in the best way possible. His presentation of multiple timelines in the establishment and the development of the lead character is beyond expectations and unimaginable. The screenplay of the film is very gripping and engaging over the entire runtime of the film. The three main highlights of Ajay’s writing are the crime scenes from Cobra, the investigation of Interpol, and the hallucination theory. In an experimental way, Ajay developed a script based on mathematics, and it worked out very well for him. It looks like the director has undergone a lot of research in the development stage of the script. Besides the intellectual concept for the film, Ajay equally focused on the emotions of the lead character. The brother sentiment in the film is the best we have seen in recent times related to that bond. Ajay adds a few shades of a psychological thriller to this action thriller, Cobra, to make it more exciting for the audience.

The production values of the film were top notch. It looks like the film was made on a very high budget, but it was all worth every penny for the content of the film. The foreign episodes of Scotland and Russia in the first half of the film look very lavish and give the film an international flavour.

AR Rahman is the best man on board for this film regarding the technical aspects. He repeated his well-known magic with his background score. Even the songs are very good and situational. We can feel the old times with Rahman in a wedding song composition. The opening credits song, Adheera, will be everyone’s favourite from the entire album.

The cinematography and editing in the film are incredible. The VFX work is better than the best, especially in the hallucination and investigation scenes. The costume and makeup departments need special mention for bringing the best looks for Vikram in multiple looks.


Cobra offers the best ever performance from Vikram, with Ajay Gnanamuthu, the director, making the fullest use of the actor. Cobra is the true resemblance of a one-man show from Vikram. Ajay’s mind-game kind of screenplay will leave the audience in awe at every moment. If you loved Chiyaan Vikram’s Aparichithudu, then you will go mad and crazed about Cobra.

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