Ramarao on Duty Telugu Movie Review

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Ramarao on Duty Movie Synopsis:

Tollywood’s latest release, an action thriller, Ramarao On Duty, released in theatres today. Ravi Teja, director Sarath Mandava, and the rest of the cast actively promoted the movie, emphasising its action-packed plot. For the first time in his acting career, Ravi Teja attempted a new role and played an MRO officer. With this movie, Venu Thottempudi is making a comeback. The movie will therefore be able to amuse viewers in theatres because of its numerous interesting features. The crowd and the critics began to give the movie favourable reviews. In this review, let’s analyze the details and highlights of Ramarao On Duty.

Ramarao on Duty Movie Details:

Writer – Sarath Mandava

Telugu FIlmnagar

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Director – Sarath Mandava

Producer – Sudhakar Cherukuri

Production Companies – SLV Cinemas and RT Team Works

Cast – Ravi Teja, Divyansha Kaushik, Rajisha Vijayan, Venu Thottempudi, Rahul Ramakrishna and Others

Music Director – Sam CS

Ramarao on Duty Telugu Movie Review:


Ramarao, a mandal revenue officer who was formerly removed from the position of deputy collector, is posted in Chittoor in the year 1995 and he decides to find out about a few unsolved murders in his area. He learns from his own investigation that an illegal smuggling ring is responsible for the deaths. How Ramarao unravels the mystery and stops the smuggling of red sandalwood in his district is the subject of the remaining half of the narrative.

On-Screen Performances:

Even though Ravi Teja is portraying an MRO officer for the first time, he maintains the same energy level as in his other roles. Ravi Teja’s look in the movie may be ordinary, but his formalwear gives them flair. We may not see much of Ravi Teja’s mass in the plot because it is less commercial and more about the subject, but he didn’t pass up the chance to offer his fans the mass touch through the action scenes. It’s thrilling to observe his energy and intensity throughout the action scenes.

Venu Thottempudi grabbed every chance he could have for his impressive comeback. He is the ideal choice for SI Jammi Murali. Although the movie follows a serious plotline, Venu occasionally injects humour into a few scenes. According to the director’s intentions, the movie’s climax reveals that Venu still has a lot to accomplish.

Rajisha Vijayan, who plays Ravi Teja’s ex-girlfriend, and Divyansha Kaushik, who plays his wife, both did a wonderful job in their roles. Rajisha is given more space to express herself than Divyansha.

Rahul Ramakrishna‘s brief appearance had a significant impact on the narrative as a whole. His character was created in a way that makes him deserving of playing it.

Off-Screen Highlights:

Sarath Mandava had picked a compelling plot for the theme. In order to match that, he also made the primary character considerably stronger, battling against the illegal issues with all of his ideals and principles. In the first 15 minutes, Sarath introduced and established the lead character as a revolutionary officer and an honourable government employee on the same basis, which helped the audience root for Ramarao for the following two hours. It is evident that Sarath did extensive research before creating the character and making sure it was professional and fit the plot. Every line of dialogue incorporates one of these.

The story’s narration does a great job of explaining the smuggling process. The best aspect of the movie’s screenplay is how it uses several investigations to reveal the murders’ mystery. The pre-climax and pre-interval twists are expertly positioned and conveyed. The most intriguing part of the movie is that Ramarao’s task is yet incomplete. Yes, that is what Sarath and Ravi Teja intended when they left the film’s climax unresolved and offered the sequel.

From a technical perspective, the action sequences are the film’s greatest technical asset. The train action episode before the intermission in specific is particularly well crafted and will catch the attention of action lovers.

Sam’s background score and Sathyan Sooryan’s cinematography make notable technical contributions.


Contrary to what we can see in the trailer, Ramarao On Duty is not a common action movie. Instead, it has a compelling plot and a much more captivating lead character to drive the movie. Sarath Mandava produced an intriguing and engaging movie with an interesting plot, basing it on some true events with good content. Instead of action, the movie focuses more on investigation. Mass Maharaja is back with a bang on big screens. On a single note, Ramarao On Duty is a thrilling ride with timely twists and turns. If a sequel materialises, Ravi Teja and Sarath may reveal precise information.

Ramarao on Duty Trailer:

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