Morals To Take Home From Jayamma Panchayathi Movie

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Jayamma Panchayathi, Suma Kanakala’s comeback film as a lead actress after two decades was released on 6th May. The film got very good reception from the Telugu audiences. Even the film fraternity and the film analysts loved the film, especially Suma’s performance. Writer and director Vijay Kumar Kalivarapu penned the story of Jayamma Panchayathi with many natural, social and rural elements. Also he presented them on screen with utmost matured narration. All these elements make Jayamma Panchayathi a must watch movie for every Telugu audience.

Morals From Jayamma Panchayathi:

The opening scene of the film shows two religious groups, Hindus and Christians participating in their respective prayers in the streets of the village and passing in front of Jayamma’s house. This is a perfect set up from the writer Vijay Kumar Kalivarapu for his audience hinting that the life of Jayamma (Suma) in the film will surely be connected to some people of these two religions. Also it is a set up for the audience that the world of the film Jayamma Panchayathi focuses on religion at some point in the coming scenes. Vijay explores two love stories in this aspect, one between Pujari Sathya Babu and Anitha, an untouchable dalit lady, and the other between Yesubabu, a Christian boy and Pushpa, Jayamma’s elder daughter. Jayamma gets financial help from these two love stories getting succeeded and this is a brilliant move in writing from Vijay, incorporating the outcomes of these stories into Jayamma’s life. Here, Vijay dealt with religion in a sensitive way and exposed the strength of humanity to the audience. “Love and Humanity are Beyond Religion”.

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The traditional practice of Eedulu aka Chadivimpulu (Gifting for functions) is presented very well. Jayamma’s family is known for giving high amounts as gifts to everyone in the village. A couple of scenes are shown the same way. Vijay pens a few dialogues even on this practice quoting that middle class families could not sustain without helping each other in financial matters in the form of gifts for their respective functions. Jayamma is such a good human that she gives Eedulu even in the worst financial situations. Jayamma has such a great helping nature. But when Jayamma is in need, most of the villagers do not help her in return in the very beginning due to their respective situations. Vijay wrote the situations so beautifully without letting the audiences take any character in a wrong way. Soon after the villagers get out of their tough situations, they all join hands to help Jayamma and save her husband’s life. This is a wake up call to everyone among the audience to make them understand that we should help the needy who helped us once. “Good people and Bad people are differentiated by the situations and not by the Character in the modern world”. “Helping each other in need is the core character of every Human and that is Humanity”.

Another sensitive issue about dalits performing prayers in Hindu temples is exposed very carefully and a strong message is delivered by Vijay. This is a slap on many faces among us who still live in the closed eyes of caste even in this bright vision of contemporary India. Dalits were usually not allowed into temples to offer prayers to God in India, a few years back. Such dalits performing prayers to God as purohits in the temples was an unforgivable mistake. But the days have changed and equality is given importance now-a-days. Every caste is to be treated equally. God has no caste. Then why should humans have them? Be it a Brahmin or a dalit, everyone is equal before God and everyone has a right to offer or perform prayers to God. Dalits act as purohits in many regions in India and one should be aware of it. “There exists no Untouchable when it comes to God, the Supreme who created us”.

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 There are many such morals in the Jayamma Panchayathi movie to take home and apply in our lives. The story of Jayamma Panchayathi is not just confined either to the problem of Jayamma or the place of Peddakotipalli, it is relatable and applicable to everyone of us. Such an amazing and impactful film should not be missed. So add Jayamma Panchayathi to your watchlist on Amazon Prime Video and watch it as soon as possible.

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