Is F3 Director Anil Ravipudi The Modern Jandhyala Of Tollywood?

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Comedy is the best and easiest genre for a film to be done with a basic story idea and minimal budget in the modern days of cinema. This is what the audience generally thinks of many comedy entertainers. But the actual truth is that it is not so easy for a storyteller or a filmmaker to bank on comedy and hold the audience for so long throughout the film. As there is a saying that laughing is a boon for people and making people laugh is an art. The same applies to any storyteller or filmmaker who makes movies banking on comedy. There are many masters of that art in the history of Telugu cinema. Jandhyala is the greatest of them all. We have been missing his touch of comedy in Telugu movies ever since the legend passed away. But one man came in his place, stepped forward and started providing us unlimited fun with clean, clear, pure, genuine and ultimate comedy. With all the fun in his movies, he gave us a relief from all our frustrations in daily lives. He is Anil Ravipudi, the director of F2: Fun And Frustration and F3. And Yes, he is the modern Jandhyala of Telugu cinema.

Let us start the discussion with Anil Ravipudi’s debut film Pataas. The major asset of Pataas is a heavy dose of entertainment. Anil Ravipudi steals the entire show with his writing in comedy. The energy, excitement and entertainment remains constant throughout the film and it is the sheer brilliance of Ravipudi’s writing. He presented Kalyan Ram at his best and made use of the comedian Srinivas Reddy exceptionally well. The dialogues in the film are also very suitable to the pace and mood of the film. The director provided hilarious entertainment throughout the film. Not only entertainment, Anil also scored the best with racy narration and crisp screenplay.

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Anil Ravipudi’s second film is Supreme with Sai Dharam Tej. Again, the major asset of this film too is the fun part. The director provided hilarious comedy at regular intervals. The character Bellam Sridevi itself provides good laughs and the credit goes to Anil for designing such a role to the lead actress Raashii Khanna. One of Anil’s greatest strengths is that he never gets deviated from his story. Even though the director picks up a predictable storyline and chooses a simple screenplay without troubling the audience much, he holds them with entertainment at regular intervals without stepping away from the thread. This is a rare talent for directors at a young age and Anil delivered blockbusters with that talent at that very young age.

It is nonstop entertainment again being the highlight of Raja The Great, Anil Ravipudi’s 3rd film. Anil presented the vintage Ravi Teja to the Telugu audience. The additional package is Ravi Teja’s character. Anil totally nailed the character designation by presenting Ravi Teja as a blind person. Anil added elevation scenes and fights to the film from his skill set.

F2 can be undoubtedly quoted as Anil’s best work. He made full use of the potential of a senior actor like Venkatesh and produced unlimited fun in the film. The dialogues in F2 are very famous, especially the one liners. Anthega Anthega, Honey is the best, Venky Aasan and many others are the cute and entertaining waves of fun from Anil’s vast writing ocean. Anil caught the audience’s pulse with F2 and thereafter, there is no looking back in his career as the audience started admiring him and loving his films.

Anil Ravipudi showed Mahesh Babu at his best in the Sarileru Neekevvaru movie. Anil packed the film with class, mass, action, comedy and patriotism elements. Anil uses the strengths of Mahesh Babu very well and showed him in many variations. Anil once again projected all his skills in entertaining the audience, on the big screen. With having a huge star like Mahesh as the hero, it is a very tough challenge to maintain the balance between the stardom and the writing at the same time. But Anil is successful in adding his comedy to Mahesh’s characterization and delivers another entertaining film.

F3 is truly an extension of Anil’s comedy in F2. He increased the dosage of fun and entertainment. This time he presented the lead characters with defects and the characterizations came out very well. Comedy blocks and entertaining sequences stand out to be the major strength and highlight of the film. The most interesting element here is that the director is increasing the strength of characters with every film he does and F3 gives us some good characters to remember for a long time. Anil’s films work best as they have entertainment and the performances of the actors in equal volumes and that is a trademark of Anil Ravipudi.

We can pick any film of Anil Ravipudi and that’s a 100 percent entertainment package for us. It is so exciting to see a young director like Anil Ravipudi shaping his films with comedy being the major strength. The Telugu audiences are so blessed to have a director like Anil Ravipudi in Telugu cinema who provides refreshment with his fun-tastic films in this modern era. And yes, Anil Ravipudi is the Modern Jandhyala of Tollywood.

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