TFN Classic Highlights: Mahesh Babu Pokiri Movie

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Welcome back to the series of TFN Classic Highlights by Telugu Filmnagar.  We take pride and feel honored to rewind all those classic hits in Telugu Cinema and present them to our viewers.

TFN Classic Highlights will deal with the details and the highlights of the blockbuster movies from Telugu Cinema.  This series is an attempt to celebrate the success of Telugu movies and the legacy of Telugu Cinema.  Let us discuss Mahesh Babu’s blockbuster film Pokiri, directed and produced by Puri Jagannadh.

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Pokiri Movie Highlights:

The film Pokiri opens right away with the introduction of the antagonist of the film, Ali Bhai, played by Prakash Raj. The director Puri Jagannadh sets the mood of the audience that the film is going to deal with land mafia, extortion, and gang wars in the next 150 minutes. This is the perfect opening for a commercial Telugu movie with lots of action and crime.

Superstar Mahesh Babu played the lead role of Pandu in the film. Pandu is introduced by Puri in his own way commercially with a chase followed by a fight, and then an introduction song. This is purely to target the mass audience. “Okkasari commit ayithe naa maate nene vinanu”. This is Puri’s style of one-liners written for Mahesh Babu.

Puri immediately introduces all the main characters in his films one after the other. Ashish Vidyarthi as sub-inspector Pasupathi, Nassar as Suryanarayana, Ajay as Ajay, Ileana as Shruti, and Brahmanandam as Brahmi. Ileana looks super hot and very glamourous in the film.

“Evvadu kodithe dhimma tirigi mind block ayipoddho, vaade Pandu gadu”. It’s been 16 years since the film got released, and still, this one-liner of the lead character Pandu in the film has a separate huge fan base. This is purely Puri’s mark and Mahesh nailed with his attitude in delivering it.

The entire episode between Ali and Brahmanandam is the major highlight of the movie, in terms of entertainment. Every scene in this episode is completely hilarious. Puri’s presentation of the beggars union provided many laughs and it is still one of the best comedy scenes in Telugu cinema to date.

The love track between Mahesh Babu and Ileana was written very well by Puri Jagannadh. The designation of the two lead characters Pandu and Shruti are in complete contrast with each other. The lift episode and the railway station episode are the highlights of the love track.

The meeting between the gangs of Ali Bhai and Narayana (Satya Prakash), followed by a gang war is another major highlight of the film. “Eppudu vacham anedhi kadhu annayya. Bullet digindha ledha?” This dialogue delivered by Pandu showcases his attitude and fearless nature.

The meeting between the Commissioner of Police, Sayed Mohammad Pasha Qadri (Sayaji Shinde), and the journalists provides a lot of fun, but at a deeper level, it is an eye-opener to the current system and the public. Puri wrote the dialogues in the most satirical way and exposed them as a slap to the audience.

The songs composed by Mani Sharma are an added advantage to the film. All the songs are good and the entire album was a hit. Particularly the songs Dole Dole, Gala Gala, and Ippatikinka were the chartbusters then. The female singer Suchitra’s voice is very mesmerizing.

The action sequences in the film are outstanding and the entire credit goes to the stunt coordinator Vijayan. Also, Puri placed the fights very perfectly. He did not lose himself in keeping excessive fight scenes since the film is an action film. Instead, he placed them limitedly to make the film a perfect action entertainer.

Pokiri has the best pre-climax in the entire history of Telugu Cinema. The sequence reveals the true identity of Pandu as Krishna Manohar. The conversation between Nassar and Prakash Raj is the best highlight of the film. Nassar’s performance in this scene is very intense. Nassar introduces Krishna Manohar in the best way and it is the best ever character introduction. “Krishna Manohar IPS” is lub.  Krishna Manohar IPS, Indian Police Service, 57th Batch, Badge No 32567, trained at Dehradun, topper in the batch, Krishna Manohar IPS, son of Suryanarayana.

Mani Sharma’s background score while revealing Pandu (Mahesh Babu) as Krishna Manohar is top-notch.

Nassar’s words while speaking to his son are very inspirational. “Serve the people. Die for the country. Live like a legend. Mera Bharat Mahaan”.

The visual representation of “Mind block” in the climax fight is a small kick to the audience. Prakash Raj gets his mind blocked and could not hear anything when hit by Mahesh Babu. This is the perfect justification for the dialogue at the beginning of the movie. “Evadu kodithe dhimma tirigi mind block ayipoddho, vaade Pandu gadu”.

Puri ending the film with his one-liner is an exceptional final image in terms of screenwriting. “Okkasari commit ayithe naa maata nene vinanu”.

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