“I’m a very old school person but I’ve nicely blended into today’s generation, I feel”, says Anasuya Bharadwaj

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Anasuya Bharadwaj, who is the latest buzz in T-Town for portraying strong characters, has been on the high end receiving various projects, not just from the Telugu industry but has also signed a project in Malayalam and is marking her debut there as well. 

She gets into a candid Q&A interview with TFN about her upcoming roles, her professional and personal life. 

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Q: You have played fierce characters this year, from Pushpa to your latest movie Darja, which is releasing soon. How do you feel about portraying such powerful women? 

A: It’s just the second month of 2022, towards the end of 2021, I had Pushpa, then Khiladi, and Darja which is yet to be released, but to be honest I haven’t been making conscious efforts to play powerful ones. I’m surely lenient towards playing such characters as an actor. As we look back on my career, I want to be remembered as a person who plays as many characters as she can and be so convincing that she is remembered for the same. But it’s great to have played such characters and I’m surely overwhelmed by all the appreciation. It’s very nice. (she smiles)


Q: We heard you are debuting in Malayalam too, how excited are you feeling about the first movie release, or what are the challenges you are facing while shooting?

A: I was very excited when I received this offer and to work with one of the finest in the Malayalam industry Amal Neerad Sir. He’s such an amazing person too. I’m sharing screen space and debuting with the megastar Mammootty Sir himself. It is indeed a dream come true. I couldn’t have asked for a better movie as my debut. I have done my part in the movie and I’m waiting to see how it turns out. The language was quite challenging but me being a linguaphile, I loved understanding it and enjoyed the language thoroughly.


Q: How are you managing to shift between so many different roles at once? 

A: Well, to be honest, I’m loving every bit of doing all the characters. I wouldn’t want to say that I’m managing or shifting but it’s more about how much I’ve enjoyed the parts because I love dressing up and I think that’s what makes it a lot easier I must say, hahaha! And once I wear the outfit of a character, I just become her and that’s what makes me feel simple when changing my roles. 


Q: Which role has been your favourite until now? And Why? 

A: All my characters are equally very important to me and I can’t pick one as my favourite because it’s all me in the end, right? So, I would say each role I played has me hidden in it and hence each one gets to be my favourite. (she laughs)

Q: What is your routine like every day when you have a day off?

A: “I am a laid-back person by nature. I’ve been enjoying the past 10 days since I’m off from work. My kids were done with their final exams yesterday and I’m glad to spend all my time with them. We’ve already made a To-Do list. We are going camping tomorrow and have made a watch list to watch already”, she smiles. “It’s what I love to do while I’m on my day off – Just spend time with my family and kids especially.”


Q: After finishing all the shoots and assignments what are you planning on doing? 

A: Right after I finish my shoots, I look forward to working on other films. I have become this workaholic person, I guess. I’ve about 4 films that I finished shooting and 3 projects I’ve to start shooting for, one of which one is a web series. I need work on my plate all the time and between them, I choose to take mini-vacations even if it’s for two days.


Q: What is the one thing you will never forget to do no matter how busy your schedule is?

A: The one thing I make sure to do is spend time with myself even though I have a busy schedule. I make sure to give an hour for myself – I either workout, listen to music, or anything, but there’s one hour that is given to me, and that can’t be compromised because it makes me think about where I am as a person.


Q: Given a choice to go to one of the beautiful restaurants, which place would you love to go to? 

A: I am a home-person. I would love to eat home food any day. Given a chance, I would run to my mom’s place and eat everything she cooks, and it’s my favourite place to go to.

Q: A lesser fact that people know about you 

A: I’ve always been an open book in the 11 years I’ve been in the industry but one thing that people don’t know about me is, I’m a very old school person but I feel that I blend with today’s generation very well. People tend to assume that I’m a hypocrite because of the roles I’ve done, but I wish they understand that the real me and the reel me are a lot different. 


Q: Which character you played is the most relatable to you or much closer to you.

A: I have a part of every character I played in me. You can find me in every role I’ve ever portrayed, like both my roles in Kshanam and Pushpa showcases me as a strong wit woman, which has one of my shade in it just like this each character I do has a hidden me in it. These are two examples but in each role or part I do, I see myself in it because it’s me all the time who’s playing it.

The actress has been getting an immense response for all the characters she has been choosing, be it fierce or subtle. We hope her success streak continues and she entertains the audience with all the various challenging roles she portrays.

Written by Shami Belde.

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