Best Telugu Films of May 2021

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Welcome to Chapter four of our choices, respect and acknowledgement of some Best Telugu Films of 2021.   This article deals with the releases of May 2021.

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The films which were released in May 2021 are Thank You Brother, Cinema Bandi, Battala Ramaswamy Biopikku and Ek Mini Katha.

Cinema Bandi

The film Cinema Bandi is the story of an auto driver who decides to make a feature film with a digital camera found in the back seat of his auto.  The director Praveen Kandregula has made the film perfectly remarkable with the limited resources and minimal budget.  A simple idea from the writer and raw performances from the actors were perfectly blended in the film.  Humour is the major strength of the film, leaving the innocence and illogical views of the villagers behind.  Vikas Vasishta, Sandeep Varanasi and Rag Mayur justified their roles.  One can see the honesty and the naturalism in the making of the film, and so the film is a decent watch on OTT.

Battala Ramaswamy Biopikku

There is a contradiction in the title of the film itself.  This is because the film Battala Ramaswamy Biopikku was neither a biopic nor Ramaswamy do exist in reality.  The film is about a village guy who does business selling sarees and tries to lead a happy life with his 3 wives.  The director Ram Narayan tried to reflect the essence of a classic Ladies Tailor. 

Ek Mini Katha

The film Ek Mini Katha revolves around one word, Size.  The small size creates a big problem.  The small size here refers to the size of penis of the hero.  Santosh falls in love with a lady who loves only big things.  Santosh, suffering with the doubt of having a small sized penis needs to marry her and tell her the truth.  How he manages with this issue is the rest of the story.  Santosh nailed the role so confidently.  The performances from Sudarshan and Saptagiri are hilarious.  Choosing a bold concept and adding the humour to it worked for the director Merlapaka Gandhi.  The film is both bold and beautiful.

This article deals with some decent good films that are recommended for our audience.

These are our picks for the month of May.  There can be few other films which can be discussed here.  But as we said earlier, this article deals with some decent Telugu Cinemas.  

Keep following this sequence and Telugu FilmNagar to know our choices for June 2021.


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