Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Highlights : 8th Week Captaincy Contender Task

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Big Boss Telugu Season 5 has entered into the 8th week and commemorating the 50th day in the house, the contestants received letters from their loved ones.  In a twist of events, those who chose to read the letters would be safe from elimination and the ones who sacrificed would be nominated for elimination.  With emotions soaring high in the Bigg Boss House, let us dive into the highlights of day 51.

The episode started with a bit of friendly banter between Anchor Ravi, Priyanka and Lobo in the dining area.  Anchor Ravi and Shanmukh spoke and sorted out their differences from the previous week.  Bigg Boss summoned the contestants to the garden area and announced the captaincy contender task for the week.  The task named Abhaya Hastham will be carried out in five different challenges where two contestants will be facing off against each other.  All the contestants are locked out of the house throughout the course of the challenges and the winners of the 5 tasks will be allowed inside.  There’s a huge gauntlet placed in the garden area which had 5 slots and 5 stones placed with pictures of the contestants beside it.  The winners of each challenge have to place their stone and sticker on the gauntlet.

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The first challenge was between Shanmukh and Lobo as they both did not participate in any captaincy task till date.  Both of them had to dive into a bathtub filled with a mixture of cow dung and mud which had small white pearls hidden in it.  The contestant who finds the most pearls and cleans them in the bowl of water placed beside will be crowned winner.  Shanmukh stepped up and won this challenge gaining access to the house.  

The second challenge was between Anchor Ravi and Siri.  Both of them had to fish out empty bottles using a fishing rod.  The contestant who has the most number would be crowned winner.  Siri outplayed Ravi by collecting 15 bottles as opposed to 12 bottles by Ravi.  

The third challenge was between Maanas and Sreerama Chandra.  Both of them had to participate in a battle rope competition.  Sreerama Chandra played strategically and won over Maanas becoming the third contestant to get access into the house.  

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The episode ended with a promo for tomorrow’s episode which gave a glimpse of the remaining 2 challenges.

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