EXCLUSIVE! Nani: Want To Work With Rajkumar Hirani Some Day

V is one of the biggest and highly anticipated Tollywood movies, which is out now on digital streaming platform Amazon Prime Video for viewing worldwide.  This movie is very special for Nani and his fans because V is the 25th movie in his career and he will be seen as the antagonist in the film.  Another special thing about V is that his debut film with Mohan Krishna Indraganti was also released on September 5th.

We at Telugu Filmnagar caught up with Nani in an exclusive interview, where he talks about the COVID-19, his son Arjun and about his favourite director.  Read more about the exciting interview below.

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How do you think COVID-19 has affected Artists?

You see, that’s the thing about COVID, it has affected everyone, actors, the cinema industry, other businesses and the country, in its own way.  If it’s particularly about actors, I actually think we have back to back shots, events, meetings but now due to COVID, we are at home, doing nothing.  Particularly, I was someone who was working back to back, so for me not to think about any movie was difficult.  From the past 12 years, at any given point of time, what’s tomorrow shooting, how is it going to be and what is it going to be, were the thoughts that used to keep me busy.  So, it’s the first time we passed through this lull, absolutely no thought process about trailer, promotion, shooting, movies, it’s just blank and all the philosophical thoughts are coming out.  So, all said and done, we can’t complain as actors, there are so many people who lost their jobs and many startups and companies got affected.

Tell us about Arjun and the time you spend during the lockdown.

Arjun is three and a half years now, it’s a cute age, they learn new things daily.  So earlier, when I used to go outdoor shoots for days, I used to feel that he had changed and I wasn’t there during the phase.  So, I used to be worried that I was not around him.  For me, this pandemic came as a blessing because I got to spend 24/7 with him. Now we are so attached that even if I’m going for an hour, Arjun asks me questions like where are you going and when will you be back.  Next month I’m going to get back to shoot and it’s going to be really difficult with him.  I’m more of a friend and less of a father, we played together, we built blocks, attended online classes.


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One filmmaker, you are eager to work?

I want to work with Maniratnam sir and Vetrimaaran sir.  And also Rajkumar Hirani sir in Bollywood.  In Telugu, I want to work with Venkatesh Maha, who has worked on Uma Maheswara and C/O Kancherapalem.

How did your bonding with Mohan Krishna help work on V?

Bonding is very important because the actor and director have to love it and believe in the film.  The script is very important but what makes it go to the next level and turn out to be a beautiful film is when the actor and director are on the same page.

We all are gearing up for a new style of FDFS. What are your thoughts?

There is a lot of anticipation and expectations and everything going on.  There are a few Telugu films, which have been released on the OTT platform but this is the first time a mainstream film V is coming home.  A lot of people are sending pictures on social media about their mini theatre at home with popcorn, chips and all.  When they first said OTT, I thought theatre experience will be missed but now this is also another type of excitement.  OTT is also huge and I thought this time, the nervousness will not be but it’s double now as the audience is getting to watch a movie after so long.  They have a lot of expectations and we are waiting for their response.

We at Telugu Filmnagar, wish Natural star Nani entertain us with many more amazing movies in the upcoming years

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