EXCLUSIVE! From her favourite shows to binge-watching movies list, Lavanya Tripathi talks about her quarantine phase

EXCLUSIVE! From Her Favourite Shows To Binge - Watching Movies List - Lavanya Tripathi Talks About Her Quarantine Phase

Lavanya Tripathi made her debut in Telugu film industry with the film Andala Rakshasi delivering an impressive performance and made a place in the hearts of Telugu audience. Starting off her career in 2012, she has acted in more than 15 films till now and has also won Debutant Award for her first film, Andala Rakshasi. The actress had delivered many super hit films like, Bhale Bhale Magadivoy, Soggade Chinni Nayana, Arjun Suravaram and more in her career so far.

In a freewheeling chat with us, Lavanya Tripathi revealed about various things, from her opinion on lockdown to her favourite binge-watching movies. Here are the excerpts from the interview:

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According to you, how important is this lockdown period?

Lockdown period is very important as it is for our safety and also at the same time, I like it as nobody is in a hurry. Everybody is calm and there is no fear of missing out on anything(FOMO), so yeah, I think it is good for us. I also know that we have never faced something like this before but right now, it is very important.

If you were to binge-watch Telugu movies, which ones would make it to your list?

I think I will start with film Eega and then go to Bahubali, both the parts. Then, I actually like Pokiri also and Rangasthalam too. It’s my favourite right now.


Movies or shows, which one do you prefer to kill time and why?

I prefer shows because they keep me in their world and I like to just be there and not think about anything else. I have a problem that if I start a show, I cannot stop it, if it interests me. So yeah, shows.

If you were to make a choice to wake up one day as someone else, who would that be and why? And what would you do?


It would be North Korea’s President Kim Jong-un. I just want to know how it feels to have so much power and how can someone misuse it. I will change a lot of things in North Korea and then would love to come back to my real self.

One habit that you couldn’t build in the past, and are trying to build it now during this free time.

Actually, I’m not able to do it even now as I thought I will work out more and stuff but then I hurt my finger so there are few workouts I can’t do. So yeah, it’s like new year resolution but failed one.

If your life had to be summarised in a Telugu movie that you know of, which one would that be and why?

Actually, I can’t really think of any film. Maybe, I actually can’t. I would have said a Bollywood film Fashion but in the movie they show a very disturbing phase which I never had to face, Touchwood. I had a smooth ride with a lot of nice people in my life but in a way, I would say that movie, she comes from a small town and makes it her own way. Yet I can’t relate to the other part of the difficult phase.

If you had to, which languages (besides Telugu) would you prefer to learn now and why?

I think Malayalam. Besides Telugu, I also know Tamil but I would like to learn the Malayalam language. Malayalam movies are really nice and very creative so it will be nice to learn it.

On the upcoming projects, Lavanya Tripathi was last seen in Arjun Suravaram alongside Nikhil Siddharth. The actress will next be visible in a Dennis Jeevan directorial film A1 Express paired opposite Sundeep Kishan.
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