Tollywood Yearns For The Second Coming Of Pawan Kalyan

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Tollywood Yearns For The Second Coming Of Pawan Kalyan

An inspiration to the youth of the present generation, a trendsetter and a man with many talents, Pawan Kalyan is a living legend of the Telugu film industry. The man has worked in close to 25 movies in his entire career span and even though the number of flops exceed the number of hits in his career, his fan base knows no bounds.

It is perhaps due to Pawan Kalyan’s charming personality and powerful screen presence that his fans worship him and follow his footsteps. His admirers and ardent fans follow Pawanism, which is more of a religion than a fan base. With such an immense following and even more attractive offers flooding him, Pawan Kalyan decided to walk away from movies at the peak of his career.

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The actor stepped into movie biz in the year 1996, when the Telugu film industry was undergoing many changes. He was a dedicated follower, supporter and fan of his elder brother, Chiranjeevi, yet he managed to make a unique mark for himself. His out of the box thinking, his trademark mannerisms, his passion and many small things which matter made the audience fall in love with him.

Pawan tried every aspect of filmmaking which appealed to him. He tried his hand at singing, writing, dance choreography, producing movies and choreography of fights and emerged as an all rounder.

His famous works:
As a singer:

  • Thammudu Tatichettu Ekkalevu, Em Pilla Matladavu
  • Khushi Baibai Ee Bangaru Ravanamma
  • Johnny Nu Sara Taguta Maanu, Ravoi Ma Intiki
  • Gudumba ShankarKilli Killi
  • Attarintiki Daredi Katamrayudu
  • Agnyaathavaasi Kodaka

As a writer:

  • Johnny (story and screenplay)
  • Gudumba Shankar (screenplay)
  • Sardar Gabbar Singh (story and screenplay)

As a dance choreographer:

  • Khushi Ye Mera Jahaan, Cheliya Cheliya, Aaduvari Matalaku, Premante Suluvu Kadura
  • Johnny and Gudumba Shankar (all the songs)
  • Panja (title song)

As a fight choreographer:

  • Thammudu
  • Badri
  • Khushi
  • Johnny
  • Gudumba Shankar
  • Daddy (Chiranjeevi’s movie)

The Mega brothers ruled the Telugu film industry for quite some time, but they stepped down for a while. The current generation actors Ram Charan and Allu Arjun filled the vacuum with their talents. However, no one can fill the void Pawan Kalyan left in the Telugu film industry.

His sensibilities and his hardworking nature earned Pawan Kalyan a loyal fan following every actor can only dream to have and aspire to achieve. Pawan Kalyan is not only a versatile actor, but also a socially conscious soul who looks out for his well wishers. He is now all set to step into politics to bring about the change which he wishes to achieve. There are many instances to prove how deeply Pawan Kalyan cares about his people.

For instance, the cancer patient Srija who was saved by Pawan Kalyan as he paid all the expenses incurred for her treatment, the chronic health issues in Uddanam, a remote village in Srikakulam, the Undavalli incident where many farmers would have lost their lands if not for Pawan Kalyan and many instances that prove what a gem of a person Pawan Kalyan is. No wonder the actor is worshipped and taken as inspiration! He reacts and jumps to help people when they are in need.

His transparent nature and his straightforwardness were often misunderstood by the media and certain sections of people. Though that was the case, Pawan never hesitated to speak his mind, making him a true Power Star. Though there are many superstars in the movie biz who are making their mark in the Telugu film industry, Pawan Kalyan is hard to replace, difficult to replicate and impossible to forget.

Tollywood is surely missing Pawan Kalyan and is yearning for him to come back!



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