Thippara Meesam Movie Review

Thippara Meesam Review

Young actor Sree Vishnu proved he can play any type of role, with his movies like Brochevarevarura, Needi Naadi Oke Katha and Vunnadhi Okate Zindagi.

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His new film, Thippara Meesam, features him in yet another new avatar.  The movie presents a serious topic in a melodramatic way.

Movie Details:

Cast: Sree Vishnu, Rohini and Nikki Tamboli

Direction: L. Krishna Vijay

Music: Suresh Bobbili


Manishankar (Sree Vishnu) becomes a drug addict at a young age, mingling with prodigal boys.  His mother Lalitha Devi (Rohini) fears her son would be a total failure in life and makes him join a rehabilitation centre.  Manishankar cannot bear the loneliness at the centre and develops a feeling of vengeance towards his mother. He soon escapes from the centre and finds a job at a local pub as he can easily get drugs and booze.

Manishankar tortures Lalitha Devi for money whenever required and is successful in getting it.  In a cricket betting case, he frames his own mother by making a forgery of her signature using a check she once gave him.  She has to appear in court due to her own son.  She is acquitted, but he is framed in the murder case of a goon, Kali.  He accepts the charges as he wants to be in the prison to get drugs and booze without any hindrance.

Why did Manishankar become like a vagabond?  What is his relation with Kali?  Does he go back to his mother and repent over his inhuman treatment?


The movie scores with the way it has minimum characters.  Rohini and Sree Vishnu play their roles with love and dedication.  The scenes featuring both of them are the highlights of this movie.  The way Sree Vishnu created the mood of a drunkard with his body language and dialogue delivery in scenes where he is in an inebriated state, are worth mentioning.

Nikki Tamboli, who plays Sree Vishnu’s love interest, Monika, plays her role decently.

Suresh Bobbili provided foot tapping numbers which have a pub like ambience.  Krishna Vijay conceived this movie as a coming of age drama, in which he succeeded.

Thippara Meesam is a safe watch this week, but not for the fun loving audience.  Go for the movie if you want some drama and good performances.






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