KGF Chapter 3 Loading… Possibilities For Prashanth Neel After KGF Chapter 2

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KGF Chapter 1 was a huge blockbuster in 2018.  Kannada Cinema started competing with the other film industries at the national level with the success of KGF Chapter 1.  Beating the success of the first part and breaking the records of all other films, KGF Chapter 2 has now become the biggest blockbuster in Indian Cinema currently.  Besides the immense response, the film had also received the humongous collections at the box office.  Credit goes to the director Prashanth Neel for dreaming of this film and executing it so perfectly, making it the biggest action film in India.  Prashanth Neel still has something left to deliver to the audience.  The story of Rocky Bhai is not yet over and Prashanth Neel confirms that at the end of Chapter 2 showing the signs of Chapter 3 in the future.

Let us discuss what are the possibilities left for Prashanth Neel to make KGF Chapter 3.  What are the obstacles and conflicts that are left unsolved?  What are the links leftover in the story to tie up in the next chapter?  What are the backstories still left untold?

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KGF Chapter 1 And Chapter 2 Revised:

Rocky eliminated Garuda in KGF Chapter 1 and took control over KGF.  Then comes the real threat from the KGF associates, Rajendra Desai, Guru Pandian, Andrews, and Inayat Khalil who are waiting to take control over KGF.  Also, the biggest threat arrived in the form of Adheera who wants to rule KGF, and Ramika Sen who wants KGF to be closed completely.  Rocky eliminated all the KGF associates and Adheera and escaped with the entire gold.  Ramika Sen ordered the forces to kill Rocky.  Rocky is dead.

Possibilities Of KGF Chapter 3:

Prashanth Neel left a few clues to the audience in KGF Chapter 2 to guess what KGF Chapter 3 might be.

Before Guru Pandian’s government fell and Ramika Sen formed the government after the 1981 elections, Prashanth Neel directly made a jump cut in the film from 1978 to 1981 during Guru Pandian’s rule.  The same was revised again at the end of Chapter 2 by mentioning that a few delegates from the US informed the Prime minister that Rocky made hundreds of business deals and crimes in more than 16 countries during the same time period from 1978 to 1981.  Also, they mentioned that the US and the Indonesian governments are searching for Rocky.  So, Chapter 3 might be related to Rocky’s crimes and business in those 16 countries.  What Rocky did with the gold from KGF and the money he earned from that in those 16 countries might be an interesting plot for Chapter 3.

Looking at the possibility of Chapter 3 from Ramika Sen’s point of view, the Prime Minister decided to choose the criminal path rather than a political one to face Rocky when all her party members got funded by Rocky and became his associates.  But she finally got stuck to the same political power and enforced the entire armed forces against Rocky.  However, Rocky was dead only from the world’s point of view.  What if Rocky fakes his death to escape with all the gold, just like Adheera faked his death by joining hands with Guru Pandian and coming back to rule KGF.

There is another possibility from Inayat Khalil’s point of view, Rocky stopped supplying gold to Inayat Khalil in Dubai due to the strict laws by Ramika Sen in India.  Even though Rocky is not frightened of Ramika Sen and he still has his ways to supply the gold, Rocky chose not to supply the gold and stores it all by himself.  Why did Rocky take that decision?  Inayat Khalil decided to go against Rocky for not keeping his word in supplying the gold.  Whom would Inayat Khalil go against if Rocky is dead?  Does that hint Rocky is still alive and escaped with the gold?

Despite all these possibilities for Prashanth Neel, the audience should wait so long to witness what happens in Chapter 3.  This is because Prashanth Neel has two upcoming projects in his hands currently, one with Prabhas and the other with NTR.  Both these projects would not take less than 3 to 4 years.  Then Chapter 3 might start if Prashanth Neel and Yash have no commitments by then.  If not, the wait will be much longer for KGF Chapter 3.

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