Kalki Movie Review

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Kalki Movie Review

Dr. Rajesekhar made a successful comeback with his 2017 movie PSV Garuda Vega, as a National Investigation Agency (NIA)  officer. The movie was a blockbuster and helped a lot in resurrecting Rajasekhar’s career.

Now, he is back with his new movie, Kalki, an action crime thriller in which he plays the role of a cop.  The Kalki teaser and trailer raised a lot of enthusiasm among cinegores regarding Rajasekhar’s role as a tough cop who means business.

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One more aspect which created interest regarding Kalki is its director, Prasanth Varma, who previously made Awe!, which had a unique storyline.

Movie Details:

Cast: Dr. Rajasekhar, Adaah Sarma, Nandita Sweta, Ashutosh Rana, Nassar, Rahul Ramakrishna and Nanditha Swetha

Director: Prasanth Varma

Music: Shravan Bharadwaj


The story is set during the 1980s.  The movie opens with the story of Fort Kollapur.  Rani Ramachandramma takes on the zamindari of Kollapur after her husband is killed in the Razakar attacks.  Evil eyes of erstwhile aides of the zamindari fall on the fort. Narsappa (played by the fantastic Ashutosh Rana) and Perumandlu (Shatru) conspire against the riches of the fort and kill the Rani.  They start anarchic rule in the province of Kollapur and unleash violence on its subjects, with lackadaisical administration.  People wait restlessly for a saviour who will put an end to the tyrannical rule of both the despots. Soon, infighting develops between Perumandlu and Narsappa.  People are simmering in this political game.

Suddenly, the brother of Narsappa, Sekhar Babu (Siddhu Jonnalagadda,) who returns from the city to Kollapur, is killed brutally.  People start weaving stories about who the killer is—is it Perumandlu, or Narsappa himself, or the spirit of the dead Rani Ramachandramma?

To investigate this case, Inspector Kalki (Rajasekhar,) is appointed.  Along with a journalist friend of his, Devadutta (Rahul Ramakrishna,) Kalki embarks on solving the case.

Who killed Sekhar Babu?  How did he die? What does Asima (Nanditha Swetha,) Sekhar Babu’s girlfriend, have to do with his death?  The answers to these questions form the other part of the story.


Rajasekhar is the main USP of Kalki.  He lives in the role of Kalki, in the scenes where he starts investigating the death case of Sekhar Babu.  His body movements and agility make him a perfect choice for an investigative officer.

Nanditha Swetha is the surprise element in the movie, who is given a pivotal role.  However, Adah Sharma is relegated to a minor role.  Ashutosh Rana, who is a classic villain by now in Tollywood, deserves a special mention for his performance.  He breathes life into the ferocious role of Narsappa, with his expressions and dialogue delivery.

The movie will be noted for the gripping screenplay of Prasanth Varma, who has written the scenes of investigation and the pre climax twist with a clever understanding of his craft.

Overall, Kalki is a movie which proves Rajasekhar has more to offer even in his late 50s now.  Rajasekhar’s fans will not be disappointed watching Kalki.


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