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Bimbisara Movie Synopsis:

Bimbisara, starring Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, is a very strong comeback film for the actor. The film belongs to the socio-fantasy genre and has an interesting plot about time travel. The film’s trailer looked very impressive and made a promising welcome for the audience to theatres. Jr NTR also backed the film after loving its output. Bimbisara was released today in theatres worldwide and is getting positive word of mouth from the audience. It looks like the efforts of Kalyan Ram succeeded this time. Let us go into a detailed review of the film Bimbisara.

Bimbisara Movie Details:

Writer and Director – Vassishta

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Producer – Hari Krishna K

Production Company – NTR Arts

Cast – Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, Catherine Tresa, Samyuktha Menon, Srinivasa Reddy and Others

Music Directors – MM Keeravani and Chirrantan Bhatt

Bimbisara Telugu Movie Review:

Bimbisara Story:

Bimbisara (Kalyan Ram) is a harsh and ruthless ruler of Trigartala. He has an understanding and generous twin brother named Devadatta (Kalyan Ram). A fight between the brothers results in the miraculous porting of Bimbisara to the present. How does Bimbisara cope with it in the modern world? The story of how the heart and character of Bimbisara change is the primary plot of the film.

On-Screen Performances:

Kalyan Ram not only made a strong transformation for the role of Bimbisara, but he also made a strong comeback. It’s pretty admirable how Kalyan Ram portrays an egotistical ruler. He is totally flawless. Every moment of the flashback segment showed him to be really violent. After viewing Kalyan Ram in Bimbisara, doubts would undoubtedly arise in the audience’s minds. Do we now have the Kalyan Ram we’ve been missing all these years?

Jr. NTR’s monologue at the show’s very start served as an opener and morale booster, especially for Nandamuri fans.

Both Catherine Tresa and Samyuktha Menon gave outstanding performances, with the former putting on significant weight. Catherine simply sparkled in O Tene Palukula.

Both Srinivasa Reddy and Vennela Kishore receive notable roles, and they both successfully defend them.

A young girl and Prakash Raj both had significant roles to play in the narrative of Bimbisara. In addition to the leads, they can be considered as the solid pillars.

Off-Screen Highlights:

Bimbisara did quite well because of the fantasy aspect of time travel. It is the core component and the film’s primary central theme. The concept itself appeared to be highly original, and Vassishta’s implementation gave it a lot better shape. Bimbisara marks the director’s directorial debut, although there isn’t much in the movie that indicates this is the case. As the timeframes are regularly switched between the past and the present in order to run the movie on a parallel screenplay, this authorised execution can be seen throughout the entire movie. Vassishta made an intriguing plot choice by centering the narrative on the protection of the treasure. The time travel part relies on perfect logic, emotion, and connection to link the past and present. Vasishta’s writing is pretty remarkable.

MM Keeravani boosted Bimbisara‘s ferocious spirits. Every heroic moment we witness on the big screen is primarily the result of him. Without a doubt, Keeravani is the movie’s biggest technical asset, especially in the action scenes and the entire flashback episode.

The movie’s VFX work is incredibly impressive. The best visual effects appear to have been carefully crafted by Kalyan Ram’s very own VFX studio, Advitha Creative Studios. The VFX shots are present from the very start of the movie, and they looked fantastic on a large screen.


Bimbisara is one such socio-fantasy movie that goes above the genre with a compelling time-travel storyline. Kalyan Ram’s fierce acting and Vassishta’s perfect presentation are the highlights. The film’s shifting timelines and parallel screenplay keep the viewers engaged throughout the entire running duration and satisfy them with big twists. With its own originality and distinctiveness, Bimbisara is a fantasy experience worth watching.

Bimbisara Trailer:

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