Chiranjeevi Shares Lessons Learned from Facing Public Humiliation

Chiranjeevi was humiliated-Vijay Deverakonda and Chiranjeevi Interview

At a lavish event hosted by Vijay Deverakonda, megastar Chiranjeevi—who was recently awarded India’s second-highest honorary title, the Padma Vibhushan—was in attendance.

Vijay Deverakonda asked Megastar Chiranjeevi about his rise to fame, inquiring as to whether he had encountered any negative feedback at the beginning of his career and how he handled setbacks.

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Chiranjeevi disclosed that he had experienced severe humiliation at the start of his career, saying that his ascent to fame resulted from his unwavering perseverance and persistent dreaming.

Chiru related an instance in which he was attacked verbally in front of hundreds of junior artists, while filming a movie.

We were at the shooting location when producer Kranthi Kumar was in charge of the crane and everything during the filming of “Nyaayam Kaavali,” which was supposed to be actress Saradha Garu’s comeback. Chiru remembers, “I was informed that the scene was ready while there were about 300 junior artists on the sets.”

Chiranjeevi described how he was humiliated in front of hundreds of people, saying, “The producer yelled at me as soon as I walked in. ‘Can’t you stay here? All the actors are here, right? Do you really believe that you are a superstar?’, he said. The fact that he spoke in such a disparaging tone devastated me.”

“I didn’t realize what I had done wrong and was in complete shock. When he phoned me later, he said that he was upset and nervous when he spoke to me in that manner. Nevertheless, I’ll never forget what he did to me.” stated Chiranjeevi.

Chiranjeevi said, “He asked me if I was a superstar or what right? Yes. I became one. Not to take revenge on the person who humiliated me. But, for myself, my success. These kinds of things gave me more motivation to work hard.”

When Vijay Deverakonda questioned Chiru about how he handled trolls and negativity back before social media, Chiranjeevi replied that in the early going, people made fun of him for stating his desire to become a hero.

“I once went to a meetup at Chennai’s Pondy Bazaar with a friend. When I mentioned that I was seeking a chance to become a hero, some individuals made fun of me”, Chiru recalled.

“I have not returned to that place since then. Everyone of us needs to stay away from negative people. We must remain at the side of those who hold us in higher regard, Chiranjeevi said.

In an attempt to inculcate optimism in aspiring performers, Chiranjeevi encourages everyone to believe in themselves first and give their all in the pursuit of their goals in life.

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