Bigg Boss 7 Telugu : Nominations, Surprises, and the Battle for Captaincy Heats Up!

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu : Nominations, Surprises, and the Battle for Captaincy Heats Up!

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 7 Telugu , Day 37 brought with it an array of surprises and intense moments.  The housemates have been on an emotional rollercoaster as they grapple with nominations and a fierce battle for captaincy.  Here’s a recap of the latest happenings in the house:

The drama unfolded with Potugaalu nominating Aatagalu after five weeks of intense competition.  Teja and Amardeep found themselves on the chopping block with the most votes against them.  Now, it was Aatagalu’s turn to nominate one contestant. Shivaji chose to nominate Pooja Murthy and Amardeep, while Shobha Shetty opted for Ashwini and TejaAmardeep nominated Ashwini and Teja, while Sandeep Master went for Yawar and Ambati ArjunTeja nominated Nayani Pavani and Amardeep, and Priyanka nominated Teja and Ashwini.  The nominations culminated with Amardeep, Teja, and Ashwini in the spotlight, leaving Ashwini in tears, shocked by her nomination despite not having played a significant role in the house.

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Gautham made a surprising return to the house, previously hiding in the secret room.  During his stay in isolation, he prepared some quirky dialogues.  His return, however, didn’t seem to astonish anyone as he emerged from the secret room shouting his rehearsed lines.  After rejoining the house, he engaged in discussions with Shivaji and was bestowed with the power to save one contestant from nominations. Gautham used this power to rescue Sandeep Master from the nomination list.

The house’s atmosphere escalated with Bigg Boss introducing a challenging task, Aatagaalu Vs. Potugaalu.  The task aimed to determine who the fittest group in the house was.  The competition involved three tasks, with the winners becoming captaincy contenders.  In the “Who is the Fittest” task, contestants had to arrange tires under the swimming pool.   Arjun and Gautham teamed up, while Yawar and Sandeep formed another duo.  Although Yawar and Sandeep gave it their all, it was Arjun and Gautham who clinched victory for Potugaalu.  This win secured their group’s position as captaincy contenders.

With two more tasks yet to come, Who is the Smartest and another challenge, the competition remains fierce.  The fate of the house and the captaincy contenders is still uncertain.  Stay tuned to see what unfolds next in the Bigg Boss 7 Telugu house.

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