Bigg Boss 7 Telugu : Week 7 Unveils House Divisions and Nominations Drama

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu : Week 7 Unveils House Divisions and Nominations Drama

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 7 Telugu, viewers were treated to an array of dramatic twists and intriguing developments within the house.  Notably, Subhasree‘s unexpected elimination sent shockwaves through the contestants, while Gautham‘s seemingly premature departure revealed a secret room twist that promises to add further excitement to the show.

A significant shakeup occurred as new housemates made their grand entrance into the Bigg Boss house.  Among them, two individuals were designated as Heads of the Luggage (HOL), and three others were titled Head of the Beds (HOB) . This unique responsibility bestowed upon them grants them the authority to determine which luggage comes and goes and who gets to occupy which beds in the house.  In essence, it pits the seasoned housemates, referred to as Aatagaalu, against the fresh faces, aptly named Potugaalu.

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As the game intensifies, the much anticipated nominations phase finally commenced.  The Potugaalu, being the newcomers, were entrusted with the task of nominating two Aatagaalu housemates for potential eviction.  This twist adds a layer of intrigue as the new contestants have the opportunity to pinpoint the perceived weaknesses of their more experienced counterparts, the Aatagaalu.

Nayani selected Teja and Amardeep as her nominees.  Her reasons were crystal clear: Teja’s reluctance to adhere to the rules and his perceived laziness, while Amardeep’s lack of progress in the game over the past few weeks raised concerns.

Bhole’s choices were Amar and Sandeep.  He nominated Amar for his lack of activity within the house and Sandeep for failing to take a stand during the smile photo task, where Teja’s aggressive behavior towards Gautham went unchallenged.

Pooja nominated Teja, citing his ruthless behavior towards Gautham and his tendency to interpret shouting as encouragement.  She also nominated Yawar for his aggressive demeanor in the house.

Ashwini decided on Amardeep and Shobha as her nominees.  She criticized Amardeep for his subpar gameplay and accused Shobha of fostering groupism within the house, leading to heated disputes.

Arjun opted for Sandeep and Amardeep.  Sandeep’s inability to grasp the game’s intricacies led to his nomination, while Amardeep’s consistent lack of progress in the game stood out as a sore point.

The excitement continues as viewers eagerly await the nominations from the Aatagaalu side.  Additionally, the imminent return of Gautham to the house promises to spice up the dynamics even further.  Stay tuned to witness the unfolding drama in the Bigg Boss 7 Telugu !

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