Bigg Boss 7 Telugu : Housemates Face Thrilling Twists, Romance Blooms, and Captaincy Task Heats Up

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu : Housemates Face Thrilling Twists, Romance Blooms, and Captaincy Task Heats Up

As Bigg Boss 7 Telugu enters its 30th day, the house is abuzz with excitement and unpredictability.  The day has unfolded with a series of captivating twists and turns that have left both the contestants and viewers on the edge of their seats.  From a dramatic nomination twist to budding romance and an intense captaincy task, here’s a recap of the day’s events.

In a stunning turn of events, Bigg Boss threw a curveball at the contenders by nominating every housemate for eviction.  The power to decide who stays and who leaves now rests in the hands of the viewers. The episode concluded on a suspenseful note, leaving everyone eagerly awaiting the next twist in store.

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During a house meeting, Bigg Boss announced the withdrawal of power astras from the housemates, emphasizing that everyone would now be on an equal footing.  The housemates complied, returning their power astras to Bigg Boss.  The moment sparked a mix of emotions, with Shivaji expressing his jubilation and mocking those who returned their astras. Little did they know that more surprises were in store.

Amidst the chaos and surprises, a tender romance is budding between Gautham and Subhasree, promising to be a heartwarming highlight of the season.  Love is in the air, even as the contestants navigate the twists and turns of the game.  Additionally, Teja’s jail punishment has come to an end, offering some relief in the midst of the ongoing drama.

The most significant twist of the day unfolded as Bigg Boss introduced the first captaincy task of the season. Contestants were paired up for a challenging game involving a large board, a pit filled with small sponges, and teeth scattered throughout.  Each pair had to work as a team, with one member retrieving a tooth with a specific number from the pit, while their partner matched it on the board.  The competition resembles a thrilling relay race within the house.  The pair with the most matching tooth numbers will secure their place as contenders for the captaincy task.

The captaincy task is still underway, and it promises to be a nail biting showdown.  By the end of the week, the house will have its first captain, who will enjoy immunity for both this week and the next.

With many more surprises and unexpected twists waiting to unfold, both the housemates and the audience are in for a riveting journey.  Stay tuned for more thrilling updates from Bigg Boss 7 Telugu from Telugu Filmnagar.

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