Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Weekend Highlights: Shobha Shetty Confirmed, RaPo’s Visit, and Elimination Drama

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Weekend Highlights: Shobha Shetty Confirmed, RaPo's Visit, and Elimination Drama

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu has reached its thrilling third week, and the excitement shows no signs of slowing down.  As Saturday rolled around, the tension in the house was palpable, waiting to see who would become the third confirmed housemate and what host Nagarjuna had in store for them regarding their performances and game dynamics this week.

Nagarjuna made a grand entrance and wasted no time interacting with the housemates, praising Priyanka‘s new haircut and giving Amardeep a gentle warning to play for himself, not others.  Nagarjuna also advised Yawar to use his brain wisely and not let anger cloud his judgment.

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The day’s highlight came when Nagarjuna pitted Priyanka Jain against Shobha Shetty.  After a suspense filled moment, Nagarjuna declared Shobha Shetty the third confirmed housemate, with a mere 12 second difference in the bull game separating her from Priyanka.

Nagarjuna then addressed Sandeep Master, questioning whether he acted as a fair referee or expressed personal opinions.  Sandeep admitted to being confused, leading to a majority of housemates expressing their dissatisfaction with his decisions as a referee.  As a result, Nagarjuna downgraded Sandeep’s power bar from Green to Yellow, putting him in the warning zone.

Nagarjuna distributed badges to the housemates, letting them choose the Game Changer and Safe Gamer.  Yawar earned the title of Game Changer for his outstanding performance, while Tasty Teja was named Safe Gamer for his lack of participation and laziness.  Gowtham received a warning to control his temper.

As nominations loomed, Nagarjuna revealed that Yawar was safe from the chopping block, praising his gameplay and predicting a future win for him.

On Day 21, Nagarjuna ushered in Sunday Funday with an energetic song and a warm welcome from the housemates.  He introduced the Chitti Prashna game, where the housemates spun a wheel, and the needle’s color determined the question asked.

As part of the promotions for the movie Skanda, Ram Pothineni graced the house and engaged in a Faceoff game, with the house divided into Team Skanda and Team IsmartTeam Skanda emerged victorious.

In the final elimination round, Subha Sree and Damini faced off in the Green and Red light game, and Damini received the Red light, resulting in her eviction from the house.

Tomorrow promises intense nominations as three contestants already hold immunity.  The fourth week is shaping up to be just as thrilling.  Stay tuned for more highlights as the excitement continues in the Bigg Boss 7 Telugu.

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