Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Day 18: Spicy Challenges, Controversial Decisions and Drama Unfold

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Day 18: Spicy Challenges, Controversial Decisions and Drama Unfold

In the ever dramatic world of Bigg Boss 7 Telugu, Day 18 unfolded a series of spicy challenges and controversial decisions that left both the housemates and viewers buzzing with excitement.

The day’s centerpiece was a daunting challenge presented to Shobha, which required her to consume an unbelievably spicy chicken dish to secure a spot as a contender in the next task.  Shobha’s dramatic reaction, marked by exaggerated gestures and teary eyed moments, raised eyebrows among viewers, who wondered if she might be overreacting to the fiery feast.  Despite the tears, Shobha demonstrated extraordinary determination by eating an astonishing 27 pieces of the scorching chicken. 

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However, Bigg Boss then asked the Housemates Gowtham, Prashant and Subhashree, who had initially challenged Shobhashetty, were next in line to take on the spicy challenge, but they weren’t aware of the task until they had entered the room. Their task was simple: consume more pieces than Shobha to secure victory. Gowtham, renowned for his rapid eating skills, raced through his portion at lightning speed. However, a surprising turn of events occurred as Sandeep claimed that there was a small piece left in Gowtham’s bowl, disqualifying him unfairly. Shobha was reinstated as the victor.

But Bigg Boss wasn’t finished testing the housemates.  Amardeep, originally selected as a contender, faced a surprising challenge from Priyanka.  This challenge required sacrificing their hair, with Amardeep initially balking at the idea due to stitches in his head.  Refusing to shave his head, he gave up his contender status.  In contrast, Priyanka accepted the challenge gracefully, embracing a boy cut hairstyle as she earned her spot as a contender for the three week immunity task.

As Prince, Priyanka and Shobha gear up for the upcoming task, Day 18 reaffirmed that Bigg Boss 7 Telugu continues to be a rollercoaster of spicy challenges, emotional moments and controversial decisions that keep both housemates and viewers on the edge of their seats.

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