Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7: Drama Unfolds on Day 12 with Game-changing Twists

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7: Drama Unfolds on Day 12 with Game-changing Twists

In the captivating world of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7, Day 12 brought a fresh wave of excitement and drama.  As we dive into the latest events within the house, the intense showdown during a task between the Mahabali and Ranadheera teams has taken center stage.

Ranadheera Team’s triumphant victory in the task was just the beginning of the drama.  Bigg Boss introduced an unexpected twist, allowing the Mahabali Team to select participants for the next level of the game.

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However, the house was not all fun and games.  Tensions ran high as Rathika engaged in heated arguments with her teammates, labeling them as ‘buffoons.’  Rathika’s indecisiveness and rude language frustrated her housemates, leading to a collective sense of disconnect within the entire house.

Sandeep Master, known for his unwavering determination, remained steadfast in his approach throughout the turmoil.   Bigg Boss intervened to resolve the selection dilemma and he granted Mahabali’s team the power to choose a member from Ranadheera.

A significant turning point occurred when Gautam introduced an unexpected twist of his own, redistributing power within the house.  Yawar, who had performed exceptionally well, found himself stripped of his newfound authority, sparking a fiery confrontation between him and Gautam.  The exchange escalated into a deeply personal conflict before the housemates eventually intervened to restore peace.

The tension did not end there as Sandeep Master found himself in a heated exchange with Yawar, frustrated by what he saw as a failure to comprehend communication.  Emotions ran high as both parties tried to assert their points of view.

Shivaji and Shakeela were selected by the Mahabali team to proceed to the next level of the Mayastra task, the game took an unexpected twist when Sandeep Master chose Amardeep as the third contestant.  The stage is set for tomorrow’s thrilling showdown, where one contestant will emerge with immunity and an eviction free pass, thanks to the mystic ‘astra.’

As the game intensifies, the anticipation grows to see who will emerge victorious in this rollercoaster of a season.

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