Fiery Nominations Shake Up Bigg Boss Season 7 House

Fiery Nominations Shake Up Bigg Boss Season 7 House

The second week of Bigg Boss Season 7 brought intense drama and excitement to the nominations process.  The Housemates’ heated arguments kept viewers engaged.  Monday’s episode saw a highlight when Shivaji’s nominations were announced.  Pallavi Prashant has been nominated by six contestants. 

During the nominations the housemates presented their reasons, sparking heated exchanges with PrashanthAmardeep and Aata Sandeep, in particular, confronted Prashanth taking everyone by surprise.

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Earlier, Gautham Krishna, Tasty Teja, Priyanka, Damini and Shakeela, nominated Pallavi Prashant for various reasons.  Prashant tried to defend himself sarcastically, drawing support from Shivaji.  Amardeep nominated Pallavi Prashant and expressed that he should contribute more to household chores.  Their argument escalated as Amardeep accused Prashant of being fake and performing for the audience.

Amardeep asserted himself as a better actor and criticized Prashant’s behavior.  Sandeep and Ratika joined the discussion, highlighting Prashant’s contrasting statements.  Prashant, in tears, shared his struggles and farming background.  The contestants applauded Ratika’s remark.

In the end, Amardeep urged Prashant to be authentic and entertaining without relying on sentiment.  Pallavi Prashanth received six votes during the nominations, leaving the house in anticipation of what would happen next.

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