Hunt Telugu Movie Review: Sudheer Babu’s Action-Induced Film Will Satisfy And Surprise You At The Same Time.

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Hunt Movie Synopsis:

Hunt is the latest action thriller from Sudheer Babu, in which the actor plays a cop for the second time in his career. Sudheer Babu’s appearance is impressive in the film, and the plot too looks quite exciting in the trailer. Well, Hunt was released today in theatres amid huge expectations from the Telugu audience. Director Mahesh Surapaneni and lead actor Sudheer Babu are successful in satisfying the audience with the fusion of exciting action and engaging thrills. Read the full review of Hunt from Telugu FilmNagar.

Hunt Movie Details:

Writer and Director – Mahesh Surapaneni

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Producer – V Ananda Prasad (Bhavya Creations)

Cast – Sudheer Babu, Bharath Niwas, Srikanth Meka, and Others

Music Director – Ghibran

Hunt Telugu Movie Review:

Hunt Movie Story:

Arjun Prasad (Sudheer Babu), Assistant Commissioner of Police, and Aryan Dev (Bharath Niwas), Assistant Commissioner of Police, are close friends with each other. Aryan Dev gets murdered by some unknown, suspicious man, and Arjun Prasad starts investigating the case. In this process, Arjun Prasad loses his memory in an accident. After his recovery, Mohan Bhargav (Srikanth), Commissioner of Police supports Arjun Prasad to continue investigating the case despite his flaw of memory loss. How did Arjun Prasad investigate the case and find the murderer of Aryan Dev is the rest of the narrative of Hunt.

On-Screen Performances:

Sudheer Babu is exceptional in the skin of a cop once again. His intensity in the action scenes is very impressive to watch. Sudheer Babu even attracted the audience with the emotional scenes. The action part and the actor’s struggles with memory loss are the best parts to watch out for. Sudheer Babu’s fitness levels are just killing. He looks phenomenal on screen. Arjun Prasad can be marked as one of the finest performances from Sudheer Babu.

Bharath Niwas and Srikanth Meka suit their roles the best. It is appreciable to see both actors getting the pulse of their characters with such ease. Their scenes with Sudheer Babu are the best part of them.

Off-Screen Highlights:

Mahesh Surapaneni has really come up with an engaging story. The first half of the film runs with involving investigation scenes. This also keeps the pace of the film very tight and gripping. Even the second half holds the spectator’s interest with Mahesh’s writing. What blows audiences’ minds is the final twist in the film, which is totally unexpected and impressive. Though a few sections of the audience might not connect to this kind of twist, it is so sure that it will leave them in awe.

Mahesh is equally impressive in the making of the film. The film’s setup in action and the tight screenplay show the class and standards of Mahesh as a filmmaker.

Ghibran‘s background score is very appealing, matching the pacy and gripping screenplay of the film.

Arun Vincent‘s cinematography is stunning, particularly in the action episodes.


Hunt needs to be watched for Sudheer Babu’s exceptional performance and astounding climax twist. The engaging screenplay, including the investigatory scenes, will also hold your attention.

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