Korameenu Movie Review

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Korameenu Movie Synopsis:

Korameenu is the latest Telugu film from Anand Ravi, a rare talent who is both the writer and director of the film. Anand Ravi is well known to the Telugu audience with his previous works, Prathinidhi and Napoleon. Anand Ravi has a very good impression that his content always proves to be worthy. Well, the writer once again comes up with another strong story, Korameenu, starring himself as the lead actor for the second time after Napoleon. Korameenu is the story of egos between the main characters, as stated and promoted by the makers from the start. The film was set up in Vizag with originality and nativity, promising the Telugu audience a raw-stuffed experience. The film was released in theaters today and is receiving good reviews. Here is our review on the thrilling drama Korameenu.

Korameenu Movie Details:

Cast – Anand Ravi, Harish Uthaman, Shatru, Kishori Dhatrak, Raja Raveendra, Emmanuel, and Others

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Writer – Anand Ravi

Director – Sripathy Karri

Producer – Samanya Reddy

Production Company – Full Bottle Entertainments

Presented By – Mango Mass Media

Music – Anantha Narayanan

Korameenu Review:

Korameenu Movie Story:

Meesala Raju (Shatru) is a fierce cop who gets transferred from Vijayawada to Vizag. As soon as Meesala Raju takes the charge, he keeps his focus on the Jalaripeta to put an end to the drug peddling that has been running successfully there. Knowing that Karuna (Harish Uthaman) is the main man under whose control the Jalaripeta people survive, Meesala Raju gets close to Koti (Anand Ravi), Karuna’s trustworthy person who recently got separated from his gang. What happened between Karuna and Koti? How did Meesala Raju make use of that? How did Meesala Raju put an end to drug peddling? All of these intriguing elements come together to form the rest of the story of the thrilling drama Korameenu. The twists were also nicely placed and revealed. The climax portion stands out as the highlight of the film.

On-Screen Performances:

Anand Ravi delivered a very natural performance as Koti. His screen presence in the elevation scenes worked out well.

Harish Uthaman and Shatru gave intense performances. Their powerful characterizations helped bring the best out of the actors.

Kishori Dhatrak is very good in her role, which is very impactful.

Off-Screen Highlights:

Anand Ravi, the writer of Korameenu, has built his characters so strongly that they serve the purpose of the plot perfectly. All three characters, Meesala Raju, Karun, and Koti, are written so deeply. Anand Ravi is also very successful in making a connection between all three characters. The best part of Korameenu is its story of ego clashes.

Sripathy Karri executed the film well on Anand Ravi’s script. He kept the film moving along with thrills and intensity until the end. The handling of the twists is also great by the director.

Anantha Narayanan’s music is good.

Kartheek’s cinematography is very elegant and shows the beauty of Vizag’s coastal areas in the best way possible.

The production values of the film are up to par.


Korameenu is a satisfactory drama with strongly written characters and timely plot twists. 

Korameenu Telugu Trailer:

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