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Panchathantram Movie Synopsis:

Panchathantram is an anthology film with five little stories, written and directed by Harsha Pulipaka. Brahmanandam is the narrator of the stories. Just from the promotional material, the film exudes a positive vibe. The film continues to carry the same and gets positive talk everywhere today after its release. Let us look at the highlights of Panchathantram that impressed the audience in this detailed review.

Panchathantram Movie Details:

Writer and Director – Harsha Pulipaka

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Production Companies – Ticket Factory and S Originals

Cast – Naresh Agastya, Rahul Vijay, Shivatmika, Samuthirakani, Vikas, Divya, Swathi Reddy, and Others

Panchathantram Review:

Panchathantram Movie Story:

Veda Vyas Murthy (Brahmanandam), a retired employee from AIR, looks to start the second innings of his life by becoming a writer. So he participates in a storytelling competition. Veda Vyas Murthy selects a collection of five short stories based on the theme of the five senses of humans. The story of Panchathantram is Veda Vyas Murthy narrating all the five stories and connecting them to the respective senses.

On-Screen Performances:

All the actors in the five stories – Naresh Agastya (1), Rahul Vijay (2), Shivathmika (2), Samuthirakani (3), Vikas (4), Divya (4), and Swathi Reddy (5) – are perfect in their main roles. They all justified their characters. The choice of casting for Panchathantram is one of the film’s major highlights.

Brahmanandam, as narrator, leads the film from the front. Though he has very brief screen time, the impact of his role is strong and deep.

Off-Screen Highlights:

Harsha Pulipaka, the writer and director of Panchathantram, has chosen a brilliant idea to connect five different stories with the five senses of humans. The idea looks very creative and connected at the same time. All the five stories are rooted in human emotions and told with a lighthearted narration. Harsha Pulipaka’s writing also looks very effective, particularly his dialogues in all the stories. Harsha also touched on some sensible elements like self-confidence, selecting a life partner, marriage, relationships, storytelling, etc., and told them in a heart-touching way.

Shravan Bharadwaj and Prashanth R Vihari are impressive with their tunes. The film’s score is very pleasant and warm, matching the emotions of the film.

The visuals and the production values of the film are very decent and cool.


Panchathantram is a collection of some cool and heartwarming stories told in a pleasant and touching way. The idea is unique, and the presentation is equally satisfactory. This anthology will surely touch you.

Panchathantram Trailer:

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