Mukhachitram Movie Review

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Mukhachitram Movie Synopsis:

Mukhachitram is the latest Telugu film from a young team, released on December 9. Sandeep Raj, the national award-winning film’s director, has penned the story for the film. Gangadhar, a young director, is making his debut with the film. The film promises enough thrills with a unique concept, as per the trailer. Vishwak Sen’s appearance in a special cameo role increased expectations for the film. However, the film Mukhachitram impressed the audience and continues to receive positive feedback even after its release today. Here is a detailed review of Mukhachitram by Telugu Filmnagar.

Mukhachitram Movie Details:

Writer – Sandeep Raj

Telugu FIlmnagar

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Director – Gangadhar

Production Companies – Pocket Money Pictures and Movie Minds

Cast – Vishwak Sen, Vikas Vasista, Priya Vadlamani, Ayesha Khan, Chaitanya Rao, and Ravi Shankar

Mukhachitram Review:

Mukhachitram Movie Story:

Mukhachitram is a triangular love story between Raj (Vikas), Mahathi (Priya), and Maya (Ayesha Khan). Raj is a plastic surgeon by profession. Mahathi is Raj’s wife, and Maya was Raj’s childhood girlfriend. A major accident changes the lives of all three, where Maya takes Mahathi’s face and Raj goes to prison for being involved in a crime. What happens in their lives thereafter is the rest of the story.

On-Screen Performances:

Vikas Vasishta, being a newbie, is very decent with his acting. He is so good with looks and also has a natural flow as an actor. Vikas Vasishta has a very effective style of dialogue delivery and body language. Playing Raj will definitely boost Vikas’s career as an actor, and there is a very long way to go for him.

Priya Vadlamani, the Hushaaru fame, gets another worthy role in Mukhachitram. The young actress looks very comfortable on screen, and she pulls off the role of Mahathi with ease. The actress plays a major role in the second half’s proceedings and impresses everyone with both her screen presence and performance.

Ayesha Khan and Chaitanya Rao are decent in their respective roles.

Vishwak Sen and Ravi Shankar in their little special roles are the great strength to the film’s casting. It is so good to see Vishwak Sen in the role of lawyer, and he lightens up the entire courtroom drama in the climax. Ravi Shankar is the perfect opposition to Vishwak Sen.

Off-Screen Highlights:

Sandeep Raj, the screenwriter of Mukhachitram, has packed both elements of thrill and drama into the story. There are enough twists in the film, along with strong courtroom drama. Sandeep Raj also managed to deliver a strong message towards the end of the film.

Gangadhar, a debut director, perfectly executed every bit of Sandeep’s writing. He handled the twists so nicely. His output of the courtroom drama between Vishwak Sen and Ravi Shankar is also appreciable. He made good use of the actors’ capabilities. Overall, it is a good directorial outing for Gangadhar.

Kaala Bhairava’s music and background score are a huge advantage to the film on the technical side. The second half looks much better, particularly during the reveal of the twists, because of the score.


Mukhachitram rises out of a solid concept from Sandeep Raj, told in a thrilling way by Gangadhar. While all the actors pad the film in right proportions, Vishwak Sen and Ravi Shankar take it to the top with the final courtroom drama. Overall, Mukhachitram has both thrills and drama.

Mukhachitram Trailer:

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