Best Of Billa Feat. Prabhas, Krishnam Raju, Anushka Shetty, Meher Ramesh, Mani Sharma, And Others.

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Billa Movie Synopsis:

Billa is one of the most stylish movies of Prabhas’s career so far. The film is written and directed by Meher Ramesh. The director presented Prabhas with an ultra-stylish look, and every viewer could feel the royal and stylish presence of Prabhas as Billa on screen. Prabhas gave his best for the film Billa in portraying both the characters Billa and Ranga. Prabhas also shared the screen with his acting icon and inspiration, Krishnam Raju, for a very brief period in the film. Billa did well at the box office and was also critically acclaimed. As the years passed by, Billa attained cult status, and today, Billa has become one of the best films in Prabhas’s filmography. It is known to us all that Billa is being re-released in theatres on October 23rd this year to celebrate Prabhas’s birthday grandly. On this occasion, let us look back at the details and highlights of Billa in this discussion.

Billa Movie Highlights:

Prabhas’s look in those stylish black suits, standing tall and strong, packed with guns and assisted by gangs, is beyond awesome. His expressions showing intensity, royalty, and pride are priceless from the very beginning of the film. In Billa, Prabhas had one of the finest hero introductions of his career. Credit goes to the director, Meher Ramesh, for presenting Prabhas at his best.

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Krishnam Raju as ACP Krishnamurthy is a brilliant casting choice from Meher Ramesh. Krishnam Raju perfectly fits into such a crucial role in the film. And also, it is a celebration moment for the Rebel fans to witness both the Rebel stars, Prabhas and Krishnam Raju, together on screen, going against each other at the start of the screenplay and later working together as per the screenplay.

Meher Ramesh took a lot of care in establishing and exploring the world of Billa from the perspective of the viewers. For the first time in Telugu cinema, weapons and the mafia world are very clearly presented on screen. This is not immediately apparent to the audience at the start of the film, but as time passes, the audience is drawn into Billa’s world and start rooting for him. This is a brilliant set up by the director.

The production values of Billa are top notch. The credit completely goes to Gopi Krishna Movies. Not a single frame in the film gives us the feeling that it is under cost. The cost of production is obviously high as the film was completely shot in foreign countries. But the true brilliance here is exposed in the perfect making of the film with every penny. The visuals are lavish and the set up is royal.

Trust no one. Kill anyone. Be only one“. This dialogue from Billa has a separate fan base even today. In fact, it is more of a philosophy than a dialogue. It clearly shows us that the lead character, Billa, doesn’t trust anyone around him completely, and he should definitely believe it since there will be a lot of spies and informers around him deceiving him just with the trust he has in them. Prabhas’s delivery of this dialogue looks so noble.

Mani Sharma’s background score needs a special mention for Billa for every single scene. The music perfectly suits the setup of the film. It uplifts the spirits of the lead character and elevates him from time to time. The theme of Billa will be everyone’s favourite.

Soundar Rajan’s visuals are the technical assets of the film. The stylish presentation we talk about throughout the entire film is the output of Soundar Rajam’s technical brilliance.

Anushka Shetty is the best addition to Billa. Her intense expressions and on-screen chemistry with Prabhas are the finest from her side. It is known to us all that even today, Prabhas and Anushka Shetty are the best on-screen lead pair in modern Telugu cinema.

The chase between the police and Billa was very well designed and shot. The Telugu audience were delivered some stylish action sequences here by Meher Ramesh and his team.

Prabhas is flawless in showing the acting variation between the two characters, Billa and Ranga. There is a lot of difference in Prabhas’s acting, looks, body language, and dialogue delivery for the two roles. Prabhas is in his own space of acting excellence in this transformation from Billa to Ranga.

The action scene in which Anushka Shetty, along with the other members of Billa’s gang, saves Billa is exceptional on screen. Well, Anushka Shetty steals the show here, leading this action scene from the front.

My name is Billa and Bommali songs are the best of the entire album. Mani Sharma delivered these two blockbuster songs based on the audience’s pulse.

The pre-climax twist, where interpol officer Dharmendra, played by Rahman, is revealed as Billa’s boss Devil, is really interesting and impressive. The Telugu audience were very satisfied with this major twist in the film.

Well, Billa ends on a note where Ranga gets back to his normal life and announces that he will be back very soon. However, there are numerous audiences who are waiting even today for the sequel to Billa.

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