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The Life Of Muthu is the Telugu dubbed version of the Tamil action drama Vendhu Thanindhathu Kaadu by the duo of Gautham Vasudev Menon and Silambarasan TR(aka Simbu aka STR). This is the third collaboration between the duo after delivering a couple of blockbusters, Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa(Ye Maya Chesave in Telugu) and Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada(Saahasam Swaasaga Saagipo in Telugu) in the years 2010 and 2016 respectively. The duo has now decided to make a gangster drama about a poor young man named Muthu and his journey from Chennai to Mumbai. Both Gautham Menon and Simbu made this film very carefully and sincerely so as to make a strong comeback in their careers. Their efforts paid off and the film is getting extremely positive reviews in both Telugu and Tamil from both the critics and the general audience. Here is our quick review of the film The Life Of Muthu.

Simbu is the one man who drives the entire film on his shoulders. His unbelievable transformation makes the audience fall in love with him. His awkward expressions at times, his body language representing a villager and all other actions of Simbu living in the character will make the audience completely see only the character and not the actor. Simbu is the one who filled the gaps with his unique personality on screen in between the slow-paced narration. All the three looks of Simbu in the film are appreciable, with the third, or final one, giving you the surprise and thrill. Simbu truly deserves all the applause and even the awards for being Muthu on screen.

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Siddhi Idnani, who played the love interest of Simbu in the film, is very impressive with her fresh looks. She is pretty enough to steal the hearts of both Muthu(in the film) and the audience in the theatre. Her chemistry with Simbu, particularly in the song Ninne Thaladanne, is really pleasing to our eyes and hearts.

Jaffer in his little role as the professional killer is very impressive. In fact, he is the only actor who has got some real action moves in the film.

Gautham Vasudev Menon chose to run this gangster drama as a character-driven one instead of a plot-driven one. So the director got enough time to establish and transform his lead character, Muthu, from an innocent and hard-working man to a powerful subordinate to a big gangster. Gautham Menon made his narration a bit slow-paced in the first half, but that’s what the director made use of completely to give the audience a full understanding of his lead character and his world. The Parotta World is one of the best choices made by Gautham Menon for this film. Also, the director never highlighted the hero just to show the heroism, but instead the character was developed and transformed from the situations around him.

Jeyamohan’s writing is the core strength of the film. His way of establishing the character of Muthu and exploring his world in detail is really worthy of all the proceedings. Of course, the run time might be a little concerning for a section of the audience, but it all gets justified by the ending. The lead to the sequel also looks interesting.

AR Rahman – What could one define this man’s music for The Life Of Muthu? He filled the soul of the film with his involving and appealing tunes. The best move from Rahman is that he did not rush anywhere in his soundtracks just to bring the action movie feel. Instead, he stood by his soulful and meaningful tracks since the film is more of a drama and, of course, there is no heroism anyway anywhere. The song Marachipomanna is the perfect representation of Muthu’s character and his thoughts.

Three technical departments, the camera, action, and art, are beyond brilliant. They are the real reasons for the enhancement of the film through the parotta world and the Mumbai gangster world.

The Life Of Muthu looks like a survival film from one perspective. Because every character in the Parotta world gets stuck there for several years just for survival. If they need to send money to their homes, they need to stay in the gang, and if they stay in the gang, they need to commit murders, and if they commit at least one murder, they can never be out of this world in their life. The only way out is death, and in order to escape death, they must continue to commit murders in the parotta world, which again ultimately leads to death.

The Life Of Muthu is one of the first-class gangster dramas of Indian cinema, particularly an exceptional addition to the South Indian movies. The film is Muthu-centric by story and Simbu-centric by performance and result. The Life Of Muthu is a solid comeback for Gautham Menon. The first part, The Kindling is truly worth-watching and the second part is indeed worth-waiting.

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