Saakini Daakini Telugu Movie Review

Saakini Daakini Movie Synopsis:

Saakini Daakini, starring Nivetha Thomas and Regina Cassandra in the lead roles, is a promising action comedy movie as per the trailer. Nivetha and Regina played the roles of Shalini and Damini. The film was made by the director Sudheer Varma as a remake of the South Korean original, Midnight Runners, without missing the native Indian flavours. The film has registered huge interest among the audience already since it is the first female lead film in Telugu that belongs to the action comedy genre. Audiences are loving the action and entertainment in the film after its release in theatres today. Here is our detailed review of Saakini Daakini.

Saakini Daakini Movie Details:

Cast – Nivetha Thomas, Regina Cassandra and Others

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Director – Sudheer Varma

Production Company – Suresh Productions, Guru Films and Kross Pictures

Music Director – Mikey McCleary

Saakini Daakini Telugu Movie Review:

Saakini Daakini Story:

Saakini Daakini is the story of two young ladies, Shalini(Nivetha Thomas) and Damini(Regina Cassandra), who are enemies in the beginning as they come from totally different worlds, but later become best friends after spending some time together in the police academy. Still being trainees, the ladies witness the kidnapping of a girl one night. Shalini and Damini get involved themselves in the investigation of the kidnap as they get no help from the police and finally end up knowing about a much bigger crime behind the kidnap. How the duo fight this using all their courage and training and how they solve the crime by saving the girl is the rest of the narrative of Saakini Daakini.

On-Screen Performances:

Nivetha Thomas is beyond hilarious in the first half. There is a free flow of comedy from her, both in her body language and her dialogue delivery. As is known to us all, Nivetha is the perfect choice for such a role, as she proved it many times in most of her romantic comedies earlier.

Regina Cassandra plays the posh one among the leads. Regina’s attitude is the highlight of her character. It’s been a cake walk for the actress to play Damini.

The training scenes in the first half and the action sequences in the second half are the real challenges for both the actresses, and they lived up to them exactly. Credits to Nivetha and Regina for putting in such great effort and delivering the best results on the big screen. This will truly pave the way for many other actresses to pick up some action roles in their careers in the near future.

Bhanuchander as the police academy chief is apt and impressive.

Prudhvi and Sudarshan provided all the fun, besides the leads in the first half. Their presence during the police training scenes enhanced the entertainment. Comedian Satya took this responsibility in the second half. His presence during the investigation scenes is a good addition.

Off-Screen Highlights:

Saakini Daakini is one such film that takes some time to get into the actual plot since it establishes the lead characters so strongly for a brief period. The film opens with the setup and backdrop of the police academy where Damini and Shalini join. Right from the very beginning, the lead characters look very interesting since they come from different backgrounds; Damini from the posh and Shalini from the local. The scenes showing their enmity and friendship are written very well, especially the conversations between both the leads. They look very fresh and funny. The first half of the film is total entertainment, and the actual story begins just before the break, setting up the second half for some action and promising the audience the same.

The second half of the film completely shifts to action. Firstly, the duo of Shalini and Damini start their investigation to find some leads to the kidnappers. These investigation scenes were written so well. A couple of comedy scenes were also added during the investigation just to carry the tone set in the first half before making the second a complete action entertainer. The action scenes featuring the two leads are well pictured. The key plot point of the film dealing with the medical mafia gets revealed as the film progresses towards its climax. Even though the film is a remake of Midnight Runners and every key element was picked from the original, the execution of the scenes is what impresses the audience. The climax of the film has some classic action.

The action scenes of the film need a special mention. They were very stylish and flawless. The stunts are very realistic and not so heavy since the leads are just trainees. This natural and composed approach is a brilliant move from the technical side.

Sudheer Varma, the director of the film, was very balanced in presenting this remake. He did neither go beyond nor lag behind in the execution. He took very clean and clear care in adding the native flavour and pictured the rest perfectly as per the original. The police training scenes in the first half, the investigation scenes in the second half, and the comedy through dialogues from time to time are where we can witness the director’s mark.

The production values are very good.

The background score is apt and decent in maintaining the mood of the film.


Saakini Daakini is an ideal remake of the original, with flawless comedy and absolute action. Nivetha Thomas and Regina Cassandra make the film special with their appreciable efforts and brilliant performances. Saakini Daakini will serve as a model for many more action comedies starring women in Telugu cinema in the future. 

Saakini Daakini Movie Trailer:

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