Brahmastra Telugu Movie Review

Brahmastra Movie Synopsis:

Brahmastra starring Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt in the lead roles, is India’s most discussed film currently. Despite a few illogical Twitter trends, Brahmastra has attained a lot of craze and support across the globe. The film, being India’s highest budget fantasy adventure film, was released today in theatres amid a lot of expectations. Brahmastra is a three-part trilogy, and the first part is available in theatres now in multiple languages in both 2D and 3D formats. Brahmastra is getting positive reviews from the audience across the globe. Here is our detailed review of the film Brahmastra Part One: Shiva.

Brahmastra Movie Details:

Cast – Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Amitabh Bachchan, Akkineni Nagarjuna, Mouni Roy, and Others

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Writer and Director – Ayan Mukerji

Production Companies – Star Studios, Dharma Productions, Prime Focus, and Starlight Pictures

Presenter – SS Rajamouli(Telugu)

Music Director – Pritam

Brahmastra Telugu Movie Review:

Brahmastra Story:

The sages from ancient India were blessed with the powers of some astras by Brahma, the lord of astras. Their primary duty is to protect the world and the Brahmastra, the supreme of all the astras, from the evil powers. So they split the Brahmastra into three pieces and kept it inactive for more than three decades. They work as a secret society called Brahmansh, with Guru(Amitabh Bachchan) leading them. Junoon, the queen of darkness(Mouni Roy), is on her mission to reunite the three pieces and destroy the world. Shiva(Ranbir Kapoor), who is blessed by Agnyastra, the power of fire, is happy with his love life with Isha(Alia Bhatt). He later joins the Brahmansh on the request of Guru and takes the responsibility of protecting the Brahmastra and the world. The rest of the story of the film Brahmastra Part One: Shiva is about where Shiva’s adventurous journey takes him and how he confronts evil powers.

On-Screen Performances:

Ranbir Kapoor does the real magic as Shiva with his amazing screen presence. His charisma on the big screen will not allow our gaze to wander. The actor also nailed the show with his intense performance, especially with his dialogue delivery. It is Ranbir’s eyes that do the magic in the first half of the film during the romantic track, while the same eyes show the intensity of the character and the film in the latter half.

Alia Bhatt is very gorgeous in the film as Isha, and she gets a major role alongside Ranbir on screen, just like the one she plays in real life, being Ranbir’s better half. The couple are very adorable on screen, and they will win the hearts of the audience for sure.

Amitabh Bachchan, as Guru, plays a key role in the film from the pre-interval portion. He leads the Brahmansh and he directs Shiva on his journey towards destiny. He perfectly fits the role of Guru, as he is always the same, even off-screen.

Akkineni Nagarjuna as Anish is very energetic, just matching his role as the super human representing the Nandi Astra.

Mouni Roy as Junoon is just irreplaceable in the film. The actress is as wild and ferocious as she was in Naagin. In fact, the intensity and the role get better scope in Brahmastra.

Shah Rukh Khan is the special package in the film with his little special cameo. There is no other star who can justify the role of Mohan at its best. The big screen just lights up with the superstar’s presence.

Off-Screen Highlights:

Ayan Mukerji had put a lot of research into the film with all his heart and soul, and so the writing came out exceptionally brilliant. Every single element related to ancient India, its culture, and its mythology is clearly represented. Introducing the hero during the celebration of Diwali, representing it as the celebration of light, is a brilliant move, as the first part of the trilogy itself deals with the power and protection of light. Another great move in Ayan’s writing is the exposition of the story from time to time, so as to withhold his audience throughout the run time without letting them miss the mega-story of Astras. The exposition worked better for Ayan than the characterization did. The narrative themes are also attractive and appealing. Ayan’s idea of creating an Astraverse and making the film as a trilogy is a huge advantage for this story of a fight between good and evil.

The  production values of the film are top notch. The film is heavily mounted on grandeur, and it looks spectacular.

The film is loaded with lots of special effects, which are worth every penny of the huge budget from the producers and the heavy ticket prices paid by the audience. Right from the introduction of the backstory of the film and the introduction of the protagonist to the very dead end of the hero’s journey in the first part of the film, the VFX plays a very strong key role, just like the writing of Ayan Mukerji. In fact, these effects are what enhanced the vision of Ayan Mukerji in the most elegant way.

The action sequences of Brahmastra look very natural, even though they are supernatural. The special effects have no negative effect on the beauty and originality of the stunts performed by the actors, and that is the basic and brilliant technical superiority.

Pritam’s music uplifts the spirits of the entire film from beginning to end. Pritam nailed out the entire romantic track with his soundtrack in the first half, as he is well-known for his melodies. And when the film gets intensified with the elements unfolding, Pritam raises the bar of sound and takes the audience on a powerful journey.


Brahmastra is a story of superpowers narrated vividly with special effects. Ayan Mukerji, with his unique plot, made this fantasy adventure film an epic of its kind in Indian cinema. With the technical aspects, including the VFX, music, high-octane action and grandeur, falling into right balance with the remarkable performances from Ranbir, Alia, Amitabh, Nagarjuna, SRK and Mouni, Brahmastra is a power-packed must-watch movie with the next two parts awaited in this masterwork trilogy.

Brahmastra Movie Trailer:

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