Ayan Mukerji Reveals The Story Of Brahmastra And The Reason For Naming Ranbir Kapoor As Shiva

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Brahmastra Part One: Shiva is currently the most anticipated Pan-Indian film in the country. This is because Indian film lovers wanted to experience the world of Astraverse, the first Indian original cinematic universe created by Ayan Mukerji. We know that the film Brahmastra is a three-part franchise, and the first part of the trilogy is going to be released on September 9th. Ayan had put a lot of effort into making this film. Credit goes to him for his great epic vision and storytelling. Ayan’s greatest effort had been his research into the existence of Astras in ancient India and incorporating them into his story in modern India. There must be a lot of research, study, understanding, application and execution behind the creation of the universe of Astraverse. With just 2 months left until the release of the film, Ayan releases a special video explaining every detail of the creation of the world of Brahmastra in the name of “The Vision Of Brahmastra” to set up the audience and welcome them into his new original world.

Ayan said that there was a group of sages in some mystical time in ancient India who were in deep meditation and prayer to God. They were blessed with the power of light by the supreme and were given the powers of some astras, which possess the energies of nature, fire, wind and water. The Agni Astra, Pawanastra and Jalastra are the respective astras with the energies of fire, wind and water. In addition to these, there are two other astras with animal powers. Vanarastra, with the power of a super monkey, and Nandi Astra, with the power of a thousand bulls. All the energies of these astras are combined to form the greatest of them all, the greatest astra in the world, named after the greatest weapon of the gods, Brahmastra. These astras have been protected through the ages and they still exist today in modern India. A few secret agents named Brahmansh are protecting the astras today. How they protect the astras against the evil powers and how they save the world with the power of those astras forms the rest of the film, as said by Ayan Mukerji.

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Ayan Mukerji also reveals another interesting thing about the story and the world of Brahmastra. It is known to us all that Ayan named his protagonist Shiva, played by Ranbir Kapoor. Ayan reveals the reason behind naming the lead character so. Ayan said that the protagonist in his film is so special because he himself has the energy of fire within him. His protagonist is himself, the Agni Astra. The protagonist is the greatest strength in the modern world to save all other astras and the Brahmastra. So, Ayan felt that the one who would save the world was none other than the supreme, the lord, Shiva. As a result, Ayan named his protagonist Shiva. Ayan also said that Lord Shiva is his greatest inspiration and that his love, admiration, respect and worship for him will be reflected in the characterisation of the lead character.

The audience were spellbound after knowing such a vast history behind the creation of the world of Brahmastra. They are appreciating Ayan Mukerji for his unimaginable vision. They are eagerly waiting for September 9th to witness the magic made by the creator, Ayan. Also, credit goes to the production houses, Star Studios and Dharma Productions, for trusting Ayan on this great project. Undoubtedly, Brahmastra is going to be India’s best film after its release. Ranbir Kapoor, the lead actor of the film, is another great asset to the film. Besides him, all the other actors, including Alia Bhatt, Amitabh Bachchan, Akkineni Nagarjuna and Mouni Roy, will be a great addition. Pritam composed the music for the film. Brahmastra, released by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, internationally, will take the film to a wider audience and greater standards.

The Vision Of Brahmastra:

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