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The film Rocketry: The Nambi Effect is based on true events that happened in the life of Nambi Narayanan, India’s best ISRO scientist. The film deals with the struggles of Nambi Sir in proving his character against the false allegations made against him, as said by the lead actor, R Madhavan, who played the role of Nambi Sir in the film. The film attracted everyone with its trailer, and the entire nation wants to know the story of the legendary scientist. Even the PM of India, Narendra Modi, supported and promoted the film during the launch of its trailer. With bated breath, not only film fans but every Indian awaited the film. The film was released today in theatres across the world, and it is winning the hearts of the audience. Let us look at the detailed review of the film.

Cast And Crew:

Title – Rocketry: The Nambi Effect

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Release Date – July 1st 2022

Cast – R Madhavan, Simran, Karthik Kumar, Sam Mohan, Rajeev and Others

Writer And Director – R Madhavan

Producers – R Madhavan, Sarita Madhavan, Varghese Moolan and Vijay Moolan

Production Companies – Tricolour Films and Varghese Moolan Pictures

Music Director – Sam CS

Cinematographer – Sirsha Ray

Editor – Bijith Bala

Rocketry Movie Review:


The Story of Rocketry shows the journey of India’s most skilled ISRO scientist, Nambi Nrayanan, who worked so hard to lift the nation’s pride with science and technology being the centre of development, but finally ended up in suffering and getting arrested on espionage charges despite his great contributions to the nation.

On-Screen Performances:

Madhavan is the one-man army of the film. One cannot take their gaze away from the screen for even a second while watching his performance. Such an intense and involving performance is delivered by Maddy. According to appearances, Maddy resembles Nambi Sir on screen. Congratulations to him for continuing to make such efforts to appear authentic. His body transformation with respect to different ages is just amazing. It feels like Madhavan is just the twin of Nambi Sir.

Simran, in the role of Meena, Nambi Sir’s wife, did her best to justify her role.other supporting actors, including Karthik Kumar, Sam Mohan, and Rajeev, are apt for their roles.

Suriya in the role of the interviewer is the best choice for the film.

Off-Screen Highlights:

We can observe the depth of Maddy’s research and writing in the film. The scenes which show the family bearing the painful results due to the allegations made against Nambi Sir are well written and picturised. Nambi Sir’s wife getting humiliated, his daughter being left in the middle of the road, and his son being attacked by the public are the few scenes which show us that Nambi Sir is not affected alone, but also his family bared all that shame. Credits to Maddy for showing the personal side of the great scientist in the most dramatic way. Maddy’s deep research is best marked by the Princeton, Russian, and French episodes. Also, Maddy made sure that he never lost the authenticity of his writing throughout the film. This is the best quality a filmmaker needs to have when delivering the content he has without any compromises, and Maddy excelled at it.

The first half of the film totally deals with the technical and scientific side of the content. Maddy takes his own time to take the audience slowly into the world of Nambi Narayanan. Also, he makes sure that he never loses his audience at any point of time due to the heavy package of the subject of science and technology. The second half of the film gets very intense and intriguing. The scenes of Nambi Sir being tortured and the damage that happened to his life personally stand as the highlights. The best highlight of the entire film is the patriotic feeling of Nambi Sir towards India in both his words and actions.

The visuals in the film are top notch. The cinematographer captured the different locations in a great way. The art department also needs a special mention. VFX is at its best. The final transition of Madhavan into the real Nambi Sir is very impressive.


Rocketry is the best honest biopic made on a great man, Nambi Narayanan. The film is a one-man show of Madhavan on screen. There is honesty in the writing, making, and acting on Maddy’s side. The film is inspiring because of Nambi Sir’s professional excellence and patriotic feeling. The film is heart-touching with the personal struggles of Nambi Sir’s life. The film is a must-watch to know the true story of a true patriot.

Rocketry Telugu Trailer:

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