F3 Actress Mehreen aka Honey, Is The Best

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Mehreen Pirzada tasted success in 2021 with the film Manchi Rojulochaie. She did not have any film released from then due to the COVID scenario. Her upcoming movie is F3, which is going to be released tomorrow, dated 27th May. Mehreen played the character of Honey in the film, which is the same role she played in the first part F2. She got a lot of applause for playing the character Honey with extreme energy and super performance in F2. Now, it is known from the trailer of the film F3 that Mehreen is going to repeat the same magic again in the sequel. Let us look back at the character Honey played by Mehreen in F2 and discuss why Honey aka Mehreen is the best.

Honey is the character played by Mehreen in both F2 and F3. Honey is Varun Yadav’s girlfriend and Harika’s younger sister. Varun Yadav is played by Varun Tej and Harika is played by Tamannaah. “Honey is the best”, this is the famous one liner of the character Honey in the fun franchise. There is a separate fan base for the character in the film. Half of the credit for this goes to the creator Anil Ravipudi for sure. But the rest half undoubtedly belongs to Mehreen for playing the character flawlessly with utmost perfection.

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Mehreen looked gorgeous as Honey in the F2 movie. Her extreme performance is a surprise package. Her silly expressions and superb comedy timing is well connected to the Telugu audiences and they loved the character Honey and the actor Mehreen a lot in return. It is not so easy to play the character Honey as it looks. But Mehreen really pulled off the character with ease and scored the best marks. Mehreen also showed her glamour at the best in the massy number and the filmy sarees. And of all, the character Honey written by Anil Ravipudi is so well crafted and Mehreen gives her best for the role throughout the film. This turns the famous one liner of the film, Honey is the best” to “Mehreen is the best”.

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