EXCLUSIVE: Aadi Sai Kumar Talks About His Entry Into The Industry, Sashi, His Father, His Upcoming Projects, OTT Releases And More

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Coming from a family of legendary dubbing artists and actors, making a name for himself and taking up different roles with each movie, Aadi Saikumar has done it all.  Our guest for today’s The Right Hour with TFN is Aadi Saikumar, who recently entertained us with the hit movie Sashi (2021.)  Aadi dished us on his film background, how he entered the film industry, his upcoming projects and many more.

  • How are you coping with the sudden loss of B. A. Raju, a close friend to you and your family?

He was PRO for my debut film Prema Kavali (2011.)  The journey started there.  He produced my other movie Lovely (2012.)  We worked together for many other movies.  He was very close to my dad as well.

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  • Your grandfather, uncles and father all have started their careers with dubbing.  What made you decide on acting?

My family struggled and laid the path for me, so I had easy access to the industry.  My grandfather came to Chennai from Vijayanagaram.  He started out as a junior artist and also dubbed for many movies.  Even my father and uncles have all started out as dubbing artists.  They are gifted with their voice.  Because they struggled, I could do what I liked.

  • Did you ever use your fame to get free things?

No, I never did.  During my schooling, somehow people got to know that my dad is an actor and teachers did have a soft corner for me.  I escaped many punishments due to that hahaha.

  • Did you take up any project solely because of the money?

No, never did.

  • What is your take on Telugu film industry awards?  Do you think they are authentic?

Yes, I do.  Few years ago maybe it was not like that.  But now I think they award people based on their performances.  Naveen Polishetty has won awards, Vijay Deverakonda did too.  It is not like before, where only big heroes got the awards.  I think the audience has also changed, and they want to see people without any background to make it big.  Audience’s taste has changed and they are encouraging new talent now.

  • If you could remake any movie of your father Sai Kumar, which would you remake?

I think it would be Police Story (1996).  Not many people of this generation must have watched that movie.  I would like to do that movie.

  • Which movie do you think is your turning point?

Being honest, I am still waiting for my big break.  I did not expect my debut movie Prema Kavali to run for 100 days and also I got many awards, then my second movie Lovely also did well.  I did Sukumarudu which was well liked by the audience.  I am thankful to Sai Kiran Adivi for giving me the wonderful character Arjun Pandit in Operation Gold Fish (OGF).  Then I did Sashi and am working on the Telugu and Tamil movie Jungle.  It is a horror thriller and it has come out well.  It is directed by the duo Karthik and Vignesh.  My upcoming projects are all interesting.  I completed shooting for another thriller movie Black.  

  • Do you prefer OTT or theatre?

I think it depends.  Some movies are made for theatres only.  Some movies are good with both OTT and theatres.  I think both can co exist.  At the moment, let us take time to see which works.  During the pandemic, I think it is better to not hit the theatres.

  • Being a person from the film industry, how involved is your father in your career decisions?

My dad always told me to have my own style.  He never pressured me to act a certain way.  That is why, I could explore dance which I enjoy.  He really liked my performance in Sashi.  The people who have criticised my performances before, called me and told me that they loved my performance in Sashi.  We do discuss what could have been better, but he always gave me space.

  • The advice you can give to someone who aspires to be an actor?

Give your 100%.  These days, there are many platforms to shine if you have the talent. 

  • Which is your favorite movie genre?

Action.  I watch many genres, I also enjoy thrillers.

  • How are your wife Aruna and daughter Ayaana doing in these times?

It is very hard for kids to be locked up.  But we are spending time together.  Playing Ludo, watching movies and all.  

  • What is your favourite movie? 

GodFather.  That movie always feels new no matter how many times I watch it.

Aadi ended the interview with “I think cases will subside if we are careful for the next one month.  Please sanitise and mask up(sic.)”

Check out the full interview below:


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