EXCLUSIVE: Sunitha Upadrasta Talks About S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, Her Married Life, Daily Routine, The Pandemic And More

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Every person is unique, each individual is born with a special talent.  We recognize them for their distinctive abilities.  Some for their looks, intelligence, smartness, talents and some for their voice.  A melodious voice is like a lullaby that wipes away all fears and makes one feel light hearted.  One such melodious voice that’s been entertaining us for decades is Sunitha Upadrasta.  While the second wave of Coronavirus hit us hard, Sunitha kept on inspiring us with her live streams and awareness videos of being strong and motivated in the face of adversity.  We at Telugu Filmnagar kickstarted The Right With TFN with Jaiswal Pragya and today we have onboard with us the popular and resplendent singer Sunitha Upadrasta.  In this exclusive interview, Sunitha shared snippets about her life and inspired us to stay strong in these tough times.

How is your experience working as a judge for Drama Juniors? 

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Drama juniors is a completely different show. I worked as a judge for many shows but Drama Juniors is different as it is filled with children.  Being a mother, I love kids and I respond to them quickly. I feel like hugging them or doing something for them.  I believe this is how every mother responds.  Hence, I enjoy their little dramas and being a judge for Drama Juniors makes me happy.

What difference did you find for Swarabhishekam and Drama Juniors?

Swarabhishekam and Drama Juniors are two different shows.  Swarabhishekam is a stage where we see professional singers and Drama Juniors is a competition where we find talents and nourish their growth by guiding them.  We cannot compare these two shows, they are different and special.

How is life after being married?

I and Ram are building a strong bond, we are knowing each other.  Finding time for ourselves, cherishing and building moments together.  We are focused on each other, our kids, our growth and our families.  We are happy to see lakhs of people being happy with our marriage and life is going really well after marriage. 

What do you think of being active on social media?

Social media to me is not a place to flaunt my life.  I consider it a place to inspire each other. These are turbulent times and we need to support each other.  I started being active on social media during the pandemic.  I am happy spreading positivity, strength and engaging through social media.  

What difference did you find working with S.P. Balasubramaniam and S.P. Charan?

We cannot compare S.P. Balasubramaniam garu with anyone, he is a legendary singer.  Working with him has always been a divine experience.  S. P. Charan is an excellent singer and he has a unique identity in the industry.  Comparing one talent to another brings pressure and we should never compare anyone because we all are unique in our own way. 

How was your working experience with S.P. Balasubramaniam Sir?

There is a divine aura surrounding S.P. Balasubramaniam garu and whoever sings with him will travel in his aura.  We all as singers shone under his light.  In the initial days when I still did not work with him, I used to feel sad about it.  But with Swarabhishekam , the lack in my heart has been sufficed.  For over 7 years in Swarabhishekam, I enjoyed and cherished singing songs with Balu garu.  Whenever I search on Youtube and find the videos of Swarabhishekam of me and Balu garu, there is a content feeling within me.  So it was always a divine experience working with him. 

Can we see Shreya and you sharing a stage together?

I definitely wish that happens because she sings really well.  I am happy for her because she did not get my style of singing or voice.  She is different from me which gives her a special identity as a singer.  I wish to see her in the future as a singer but she is currently studying and will be busy for four years.

Being a singer and winning 9 Nandi Awards, how do you feel?

I enjoy my work and my profession.  I take every opportunity given to me and it brought me success.  Singing is an art form which connects the audience and inspires them.  I won five awards consecutively for five years and that makes me happy.

What is your daily routine in the pandemic and how are you coping with the lockdown?

Everyone is currently helpless and insecure due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  Mental health among people is disturbed as people are losing jobs and lacking focus.  This insecurity is arising due to the lack of acceptance of the current situation.  Everyone should accept that we are responsible for ourselves and stay safe at home.  We should help each other out during these times.  I asked my workers not to come, as they come all the way from long distances to earn some money for living.  But what if they get affected by the deadly virus?   That is a tough question.  Hence, we are doing our part and paying them every month in the lockdown. 

What do you want to say to the audience to stay motivated in the lockdown?

These are the tough times and we need to support each other.  Check on your loved ones and take care of your mental and physical health.  Building immunity is more important now than ever.  We can all fight together and end this Coronavirus pandemic. 


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