Harish Shankar About #PSPK28: Confident Our Combo Will Do Justice To The Eight-Year-Long Wait

It’s been 8 years since Gabbar Singh released and the craze for the trio Pawan Kalyan, director Harish Shankar and music composer Devi Sri Prasad remains the same.  Now, after many years the trio is reuniting for another project, which is tentatively titled as #PSPK28.

It’s not just fans who are excited about this trio, director Harish Shankar has no bounds for the excitement about teaming up with his childhood idol.  “It’s been eight years since I’ve been on sets with the Power Star.  Usually, film sets are bustling with activity with over 200 people working simultaneously.  But the moment he walks in, there’s pin drop silence.  His aura is such.  I’m eagerly waiting for the day when we get back on the sets together and I can experience that silence again (sic.)”

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Recently, the first poster of #PSPK28 was unveiled and it promised more than just entertainment this time.  In fact, the tagline of the film says as much: ‘This time it’s not just entertainment’.  Speaking about the first poster and if it runs on the political agenda for Pawan Kalyan, the director said, “It’s going to be a surprise.  The pre-production work has recently begun.  Power Star has to wrap up two films before we start shooting. I’m afraid it is too early to talk about it (sic.)”

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Harish promises to do justice to Pawan Kalyan’s fans with his script as he said, “I’ve worked hard on it and the aim is to give his fans a bang for their buck.  I’ve used the time during the lockdown to read and watch a lot of content.  I’m confident that it will do justice to my combo with Pawan Kalyan and the eight-year-long wait will be worth it (sic.)”

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