7 – The Movie Which Intrigues You With A Great Screenplay

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7 – The Movie Which Intrigues You With A Great Screenplay

Suspense thriller is a genre which is catching up in viewership in Tollywood recently.  Mostly, a large chunk of Telugu films tend to be  with uni dimensional storyline.  However, off late, there have been movies, which dealt with the suspense genre, with great gipping screenplays.  Kshanam, Goodachari and the upcoming movie, Special, can be termed as examples.

One such recent attempt is 7, which is going to be released on June 5th.  Both the teaser and trailer are cut out to be interesting premises to the genre of a suspense crime thriller.  Koneru Havish plays a cunning young man, who befriends young ladies, gets physically intimate with them and at the end, dumps them or kills them for no reason.

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This story premise is an original idea, till now unexplored in the Telugu film industry.  Be it mainstream or commercial cinema, such scripts are termed to be for a niche audience.  

The success of a filmmaker lies in making a niche script turn into a universally accepted one.  The aspect of editing comes to the fore here, which makes the story crisp and easy to watch.

7 – A marvellous novel attempt at a crime thriller

The movie 7, in which Havish (named in the movie variously as Karthik, Krishnamurthy, etc.) plays a  Bluebeard of sorts, whose proximity to any female brings doom to her.  The way the trailer is cut, reminds one about Akira Kurosawa’s Rashomon (1950,) where an incident is narrated by many from their own point of view.  The mystery aspect of the movie lies with whose version of the truth it is with the capital T.  7 promises to be one such movie with each girl narrating a different version of the truth and one does not know the reality.

The cat and mouse race between the police officer and the culprit is shown interestingly with witnesses coming up with various versions of who the man in question is?  The story and screenplay by Ramesh Varma provide for a new chapter in Tollywood filmmaking, which will further inspire the young filmmakers to attempt tight screenplays and sleek editing patterns generally and  make a serious attempt at making watchable crime thriller.


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